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    Anime vs Manga

    The anime, I think. I don't dislike the manga but I do consider it probably the worst incarnation of the story, regardless of it being the source of it all. It's not terrible, and knowing what I know about Sailor Moon when I read it, I like it. The art is beautiful and probably one of the most...
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    How old is Chibiusa in every season?

    While most of the characters ages are very clear, Chibiusa's is...ambiguous. I find that some people find she is 5 in R, and is 7 in SuperS, others think she is more like 10 or 12. And I am talking about the anime - I know she is technically 900, but like, physically how old is she? Thank...
  3. crescent

    90s anime animation errors thread.

    The picture of Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon posted above has always really stood out to me. It's not like it's a one time thing, it's a stock photo used every time they transform and they couldn't even bother to fill in their eyes. Looks soulless. D:
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    What Arc/Story Should Get A New Adaptation?

    I'm voting for the SuperS movie, Black Dream Hole. While I did think the movie was great, I would love to see it re-imagined somehow.
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    Will Season 4 have harder time because of new CCS anime?

    Really? Given that CCS is one of the anime that does filler really, really well, I would love that. That, and it's inevitably going to end before the manga does, given how the manga chapters are released monthly and the anime is already through 3 chapters in a single episode.
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    Will Season 4 have harder time because of new CCS anime?

    I don't think so. The new CCS anime is aimed at fans of the original anime, given that it's a sequel rather than a reboot. I'm sure there are first timers watching it, but most of its success will come from the already dedicated fans. Similarly, Sailor Moon Crystal is only really backed by...
  7. crescent

    If Sailor Moon were to get a new story arc...

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately, in part because I'm looking to write something. I highly doubt Sailor Moon is ever going to be continued (as in, from the manga/90s continuity past the Stars arc) but it's always fun to imagine. I know that Crystal Tokyo is a thing but I really like...
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    DIC's Dub made Sailor Moon popular in North America

    I agree. I've asked on this forum before if pepole believe the Viz dub, if created and aired in the 90s would have been able to garner the same popularity and following. Most people said yes, but I disagree. There was something about the 90s dub that hooked people. Between the cheesy dialogue...
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    The Amazoness Quartet in SuperS

    I definitely agree. I actually love SuperS as a season, it is one of my favourites, but I prefer the Amazon Quartet arc by far. They're wonderfully dynamic and just...interesting. I love their redemption in the end as well, I have a soft spot for that kind of thing. My favourite episode would...
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    Why are Galaxy Cauldron forums so inactive?

    It's like hardly anyone ever goes on there....this forum is pretty quiet but that one, it's like...dead. Completely.
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    [US] Sailor Moon & Codename Sailor V manga kanzenban thread

    Release date for Eternal Edition of the Manga now April Some people on a Facebook group I'm apart of received an email after pre ordering their copy of the first volume stating that they will receive the book in late April, as the release date has been changed. Amazon seems to have updated...
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    Does anyone remember...

    Something of an inside joke within the fandom years and years ago... I BARELY remember it and remember it being recalled once or twice - "Do Serena does have gravy do?" or something like that I know it sounds bizarre, but I just remember it. It happened, it was posted somewhere...on a forum. Am...
  13. crescent

    Why was Venus the first one awakened?

    OP probably meant less so why did this happen in the story (the answer being as you said, Artemis found Venus first), and more, why wouldn't Sailor Moon be written to have Sailor Moon awaken first as that makes sense given she's the main character.
  14. crescent

    Why was Venus the first one awakened?

    I think the weirdest part is that she has an entirely different outfit. Until she meets the other Senshi, then she has an outfit more similar to them. Like...what? Why?
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    What if Sailor Moon was a solo hero?

    I always wondered just how different Sailor Moon would be if she were a solo hero. I imagine she would mature a lot more, a lot quicker. The show itself would be...well, would it be anything close to what it is today? I can't see it having got more than one season, personally. Maybe popular...