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  1. The Blizzard Prince

    Digital Full Color Manga Release Announced

    Dream come true! ::love:: Not looking forward to triple dipping but I'll gladly do so if these come stateside. I only wish Act 1's coloring looked as good as the exhibit's. (the backgrounds look so bare in comparison...)
  2. The Blizzard Prince

    Why did the anime make the Starlights male in civilian form?

    Characters that change from one gender to another are not uncommon in anime. Some really popular series like Ranma 1/2 even center around that gimmick. If anything, I imagine they were just cashing in on a popular trope at the time.
  3. The Blizzard Prince

    Pick the next Director for the Stars arc/Final Season

    I'm hoping Ms. Kon sees it through to the end. But if we're allowed to be as unrealistic as we want, I'd love to see what Kunihiko Ikuhara's take on Stars would be like. :mischief:
  4. The Blizzard Prince

    Do you think if Ikuhara continued with Stars.................

    Not sure about the Phages, but I have wondered if he had a different endgame in mind with Nehelenia. Sailor Moon was quite adamant about never losing to her in the SuperS finale, which makes me think he had something other than a redemption arc planned.
  5. The Blizzard Prince

    [US] Sailor Moon & Codename Sailor V manga kanzenban thread

    Awesome news! I passed on the original Kodansha release after seeing how poorly it read. I'll be sure to pick this version up as soon as it drops.
  6. The Blizzard Prince

    When was the last time you watched Crystal?

    Last watch was summer 2019. Rewatched season 3. I've rewatched the series twice without skipping any episodes. First rewatch was when the dub premiered on Hulu, and the second was when I got it on Blu-Ray. (also dubbed)
  7. The Blizzard Prince

    What Dead Parent(s) Would You Like to Know More About?

    I'd most like to know about Mako's parents. The situation is sad but we know so little about them that their deaths are not particularly effective from a storytelling standpoint. Finding out more about them could possibly answer some of questions surrounding them too. (What were their jobs...
  8. The Blizzard Prince

    Favorite version of the manga?

    I'd probably go with shinsouban. I didn't get around to reading the manga until Kodansha did their release of it. ^_^' But as far as translation goes, kanzenban is my favorite. I do have my gripes with it like everyone else, but it seems to strike the best balance of accuracy vs readability. I...
  9. The Blizzard Prince

    Your opinion on leaving certain terms untranslated

    I don't think a term should ever be left untranslated. When it comes to translations for Shitennou, it's worth mentioning that Pokemon localized it as Elite 4. It's a bit simple but I think it captures the general idea of them being the 4 strongest generals/kings/whatever you want to call them...
  10. The Blizzard Prince

    Your reaction to finding out the truth about Zoisite

    Yeah, I wouldn't expect her to look busty in a uniform like that. It's why I didn't think anything of it for the first few episodes. But then I noticed her side profile resembled male characters more than it did female ones. Which lead to me noticing how different she looked compared to all the...
  11. The Blizzard Prince

    Your reaction to finding out the truth about Zoisite

    I first picked up on Zoycite possibly being male during the episode with the Rainbow Crystal holding priest. I noticed some discrepancies when comparing Zoycite to the other female villain designs on the show. Beryl and most of the MotD wear lipstick and tend to have fairly noticeable busts (due...
  12. The Blizzard Prince

    When is "Usagi" No Longer "Usagi"?

    Hadn't considered this interpretation before. But it makes me look at a moment in Act 55 in an entirely different way. A crying Ikuko tells Kenji: "It's so odd...I just...had a feeling Usagi's never coming home again..." (Kodansha translation) My original interpretation of that line wasn't...
  13. The Blizzard Prince

    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    Would be nice if they could give us a clip of Tin Nyanko and Princess Kakyu.
  14. The Blizzard Prince

    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    Thanks for the answer! That's a huge relief. :D