Desperately trying to find this fic!

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Feb 7, 2022
Literally joined this site to track down an old fanfiction that I absolutely loved and cannot for the life of me remember what it's called or who wrote it. Hopefully it made an impact on someone else who can help. It's also likely very old, so... well, there's that.

It's a slow burn Rei/Mina fanfiction set in what I think is called the Silver Millennium, though may be something else. Rei is a priestess that served at her planet's temple, and Mina ran away from Venus to join the temple as an acolyte. No one knows she's the daughter of the queen. Slowly she and Rei fall in love despite the difference in their stations, and then for some reason Minako leaves before Rei finds out her true identity. Fast forward to when they're called upon by the Queen to serve as guardians, and Minako and Rei both learn who each other really are.

Last I read it, it wasn't complete. I have random memories of the story though. There's something about Mercury sharing a story to someone about how her people invented a device that alerts you if you're in the vicinity of someone who would tolerate/welcome small talk, and how she walked around trying to find someone whose device was set to the "small chat" setting and absolutely no one was. And....something about visiting the poles of everyone's planet and seeing the darkness coming. I also think it was one of those "flashback-to-the-past, flashforward-to-present" kind of stories? And of course plenty of sexual tension/angst/pining amongst the senshi in all the times.

Anyway. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and maybe can share, that would be awesome.
Apr 3, 2023
I can sympathize. I have my own lost fanfics but alas, I don't remember this one. I wish you luck neighbor.