Do you think if Ikuhara continued with Stars.................

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Jul 5, 2009
......................the phages will have some kind of weird oral related star seed sucking secondary ability?

So instead of VOTDs becoming phages the Animamates actually use undead senshi kind of like the lemures/remless.
Nov 16, 2016
Nehelenia in SuperS had an extreme case of Peter Pan syndrome, worse than what the Quartet had (but pretty similar to Akio in Utena.) Lemures being "living corpses because they have no dreams" is probably some kind of social commentary, too. Her redemption arc probably came about because they decided to make her return one big reference to the Snow Queen, which is a pretty different fairy tale than the ones they went off of previously.

But I have no idea if anything in Stars would have been much different at all if Ikuhara stayed. You'd probably need screenwrite Yoji Enokido to stay as well for a serious change. Although simply having Ikuko Itoh stay would have changed the outcome on a visual level for the better~