Ficlet (In Which Usagi Identifies Strongly With Juliet)

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Lumen Cinererum
Nov 19, 2020
Mrs. Haruna looked over her class as she explained the plot of the play. Most were taking notes, a few were drifting off. The play was rather foreign and translated into Japanese it could be a bit...awkward. But there was a reason it was regarded as a masterpiece. To her great surprise, Usagi Tsukino was absolutely engrossed in the story. As she got to the part about Romeo's suicide, she noticed Usagi beginning to fidget, then hurriedly excuse herself.

She didn't leave the room quickly enough to hide the fact that she had begun to cry.

When she returned, it was obvious she had had to regain her composure.

Mrs. Haruna had finished explaining and now it was question time. "When it comes to Juliet's suicide-"

"She...killed herself?" Usagi whispered.

Mrs. Haruna nodded. "Yes, you missed that part. When she discovered Romeo's death, she killed herself. Why do you think she did that? Some see it as an act of foolishness or coward-"

"That's not true!"

The entire class stared at her. Usagi shrunk down in her seat. "I...I mean...suicide isn't just because...because someone's a coward..."

Mrs. Haruna paused. It was extraordinarily rare for Usagi to participate. She'd like to encourage that, but *something* about the story had gotten to her. Usagi hurriedly wiped away some tears.

The teacher decided she didn't like how Usagi's demeanor had changed when the topic of suicide had come up. Usagi put on a smile and cheerful demeanor, but what if something was lurking behind that? Something a bit darker? Mrs. Haruna decided to proceed cautiously and possibly direct Usagi to a counselor.

Usagi had gotten back her composure, but was slightly trembling. Her eyes were unfocused and glassy as if looking at something only she could see.

Mrs. Haruna swallowed. Something was wrong. "Miss. Tsukino? Why do you think Juliet killed herself?"

Usagi took a while to answer and when she did, her voice shook. "When you lose someone you sometimes love them so much, you want to...want to follow them. Even if it means following them in death."

A cold shiver went down Mrs. Haruna's spine. It was obvious she was talking from experience. "Miss Tsukino...I, um, I think you understand the play." A little too well. "I would also like to remind everyone, with the topic of suicide, that if anyone ever feels like they have a major issue, school counselors are always available."

There was a general nod. The bell rang and Usagi forced a smile that turned genuine when she caught sight of her friend MIzuno and ran to catch up with her.