Is there a reason for this?

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Luna Crescens
Jul 28, 2022
Did someone say "Kid?" (note: I hope you're in light mode.)

I mean I could have a field day with "Kuroba/Clover" jokes and puns, but then I'd have to bring up Cloverfield and it suddenly won't be any fun any more.

I mean in answer to the original question, the clover motif for Kakyuu is intentional, but it's not quite clear whether the anime added clover earrings to the "twins" because it misinterpreted the circular earrings, or if as some of the art shows, the pair were supposed to have four-lobed earrings but it got changed the fewer lobes in the actual manga panels.
Hold up, as you've heard, only I can be kidding around here.

TY btw.. Reminds me I need to finish that damn DC Mina Aoshima video...6 freaking hours

What Kakyuu has is actually an olive blossom motif. With Cyprine, it's a clover. Not that it matters when Cyprine's not lucky at all. But that was just a warm up factoid before an actual analysis post.
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