Opinions on Sailor Moon: Tokyoma Gaiden Characters

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Apr 1, 2017
the main cast under the STAC cel colors.
Sorry I haven't been around these parts much (or the SubSen discord much), I've been bad at multitasking and buried deep in my own projects a lot- but I just want to say these look great!! Your art is really coming along these days and I really really love your character design concepts. Hope life is treating you well and this project can continue to come to fruition.


Lumen Cinererum
Nov 14, 2017
Carisle Animation (Fictional Studio)
that's pretty good, life's been boring to bad some days, and almost ran out of inspiration, but I do have something to show.

They look familiar in many ways, but the settei is technically redrawn as well.
The settei it's redrawn from are actually from unused characters referred to as 美少女軍団 "Pretty Girls Gang", or as we could put it in the Pokémon side of things "Team Pretty"
The Characters from Left to right are:
Maggie Sarahson (Narun Osaka's Disguise) - Transferred from Youma-Kai Junior High, She is a foreign exchange student, and would finally get a reunion with her friend soon enough, She is redrawn from the Hotaru-like character on the original sheet.
Carrie Talgia - A romantic hot head that definitely prefers the 'Bad boys', By the end of the arc, she will be aligned with the Dark Agency, as Malachite's partner.
Hiarki - (I saw someone misspell "Hikari' as this, this is my tribute to that misspelling.) Her fate is the same as of that which she was redrawn from, an unused character design.
Jilluna (Youma Prismus'/Spectrix's Disguise) - Do not let the fact that she's secretly a Youma fool you, once she heard that the Sailor Guardians were in Brighton, she wanted nothing more to do than to help them... it's been said that she was the reason that the original Sailor Senshi were able to find the Dark Kingdom's La Crepe base, She fed the information to Artemis.
Blue Katrina (Katerina Suino's Pseudonym) - you know about her already.
Dana Cano (Daniel Kano's disguise and Pseudonym) - You know about him, but why does he look like this in Brighton? Brighton is a 'Girls-Only' School, and Both Katerina and Pinako wanted him to join in their search for the Jupiter and Venus successors, which led to Pinako's idea of using the disguise pen to transform Daniel into a Brighton School Student.
Victoria Celeste (Pinako's disguise and Pseudonym) - Daniel wasn't the only one she had to change the looks of, She had to change her own as well, it's said that Minako may have kept Usagi's disguise pen, but as she used the Pen on Daniel, she used the Sailor V disguise compact on herself.

Now one must ask why five of the characters look like the Toon Makers' Characters. (or maybe six of them)