Why did the anime make the Starlights male in civilian form?

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Nov 22, 2016
I have a theory for what happened during the anime adaptation of the Stars arc.
In the manga, Mamoru travels overseas to study, and they decided to keep that for the anime.
I haven't read the Stars arc, but according to SM wikis, Seiya develops romantic interests in Usagi.
However, in the anime, I guess they needed more than unrequited love. Since one of Sailor Moon's main staples was romance and Mamoru was absent, they needed to have some romantic dynamic between the main character and other person to "fill" this "gap" on the season. A romantic interest coming from someone else that Usagi would somewhat respond to. Naturally, their option was Seiya.
But how would they able to do that If she remained female in the animated adaptation? Usagi was already shown having interest on people she thought were men, but getting turned off the moment she perceived they were just masculine-looking women. Just like every main character in kids' anime back then, Usagi was straight. Maybe their approach to it was Usagi taking long to notice she was a woman in disguise, but what would happen when she discovered her true female identity? The romantic dynamic intended to be one of the main themes of the season would die before Mamoru showed up again?
So, I believe that in order to make this possible, they switched the sexes of the Starlights in the civilian form. And since the anime staff liked to include or enhance elements we from the West consider "LGBT" in characters' personalities since day one, they saw this opportunity of killing two birds with one stone.
So, this is my take on what may have happened. Do you guys think it makes sense? Do you have your own personal theories? Feel free to share them in this thread. :kero:
Feb 4, 2020
Crystal Tokyo
I don't think this was the case. Even when Mamoru was present, romantic interactions between him and Usagi were not that frequent. My personal theory is that, while introducing new characters always give the creators new opportunities for filler eps, in order to use Starlights for about 20 fillers, their cross dressing must have been kept a secret from Usagi's team. It was the most reasonable if their "revelation" happened at the same time when they learned Starlights' identities. What was easy in quickly paced manga, now became a problem, so someone came up with a bizarre idea of changing their civilian forms to male
Mar 8, 2012
The Starlights are supporting characters in the manga, and Seiya's romantic interest in Usagi is an extremely minor plot point that goes nowhere and only really comes up once about halfway through the arc. Toei could have easily eliminated that plot point altogether, or created an entirely new male love interest for Usagi to fill the gap left by Mamoru.