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I'm sitting down to re-watch the Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical production, it's the Team moon version. I enjoy it so far. I appreciated the changes to the source material's Dark Kingdom arc.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this forum. I also got news from Limited Run Games that my English version of Arc of Alchemist will be mailed by USPS. Plus I got a 40% off coupon via EBGames. So going to buy more used games for my collection. I have insane luck with used games.
I believe Ami is waiting to make her move soon. Turns out the end of the world is coming sooner than I thought.
I had another vision today. Ami came to retrieve you when the world was about to blow up and Minako had begun the process to revive my true form..
Waiting till Friday to get a controller in the mail is physically painful for my impatient self. Just gotta play Third Strike comfortably