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    The Black Moon were right on one thing

    Why would you think that people will stop evolving when they have eternal life? Do you think people will just lose all forms of desires if they live forever? Longevity is just one of many problems that humanity wants to solve, not to mention more problems will arise once humans achieved...
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    The Kodansha TV Picture Books

    Still fairly interesting though, thanks for all the translations. The art of the book is pretty nice as well.
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    The Kodansha TV Picture Books

    Lol, Ami wanting to be a flight attendent is rather out of character, I would have thought she would want to be a nurse, doctor or scientist. Rei wanting to be a nurse is abit random, too.
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    MoonSticks- Hilarious Sailor Moon Comics (updated weekly!)

    Very cute, quite on point, too.
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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday to my favourite girl!
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    Seira’s Art Palace

    The edits look very nice. Hotaru looks gorgeous even :)
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    Calling all Michiru fans... Why is she so popular?

    I'm surprised, too when you said Michiru ranks high in many people's favs. Just haven't seen any threads or polls that suggest this is the case.
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    Sailor Moon Tokens and Monopoly Board

    Is this some sort of kickstarter project? I imagine there might be some interests in it.
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    Sailor Moon Tokens and Monopoly Board

    Wow nice! Looks really well crafted!
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Why are so many making that scene in their own style? Was there a contest of somesort?
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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday Ami!
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    Ami-Chan Fan Club!

    Ooooww that birthday image is kinda sad. Cheer up Ami!
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    What Sailor Squad is Your Favorite?

    The original 5. While Saturn is my favourite, overall I find the OG cast more appealing than the outers.
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    While I Am Proud to be a Moonie, I Hate this Fandom At Times

    I agree with this one, elitist or not the vipe I get from this forum is that people generally focus on negative things.