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    Mop Girl - JDrama with Keiko Kitagawa in main role

    wow... haven't been here for quite some time, and coming back seeing Keiko starring on a drama is really making feel excited!! How's the drama? Has it finished yet?
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    Looks like Shibby's got a new gig.

    Thanks! The_otaku_witch!
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    Looks like Shibby's got a new gig.

    Woah... I admit that I haven't been visiting much after the series and I am totally regreting that I did stopped coming.. :P I can't wait to watch it!!! YAH..... I wanna see more of Shibby hotness! And did I read Kunzite being in something called Blade? I want to see him too.... where can I...
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    Where can I download "Happy Times"?

    Awws... I just can't wait when it releases and available through BT download or direct download... waaaiii.........
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    Where can I download "Happy Times"?

    Can anyone tell me? I'm quite curious after listening to the short release through the TV in the act. Thanks!
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    Special Act Opinions

    Argh! I need a transcript! I really need a transcript! I couldn't understand what they were talking about! Overall, I think this is the one episode I like most! Lolx... Maybe because the shittenous rocks like dancing volcanos in here!!! I totally love them!!! and shibby too! He is so super...
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    Does anyone know where I can dl free photoshop7 brushes?

    I just re-installed my photoshop7 and my previous downloaded brushes were gone during the virus invasion in my PC last few months. So I was wondering whether anyone can tell me where to get cool new brushes, thanks! :D
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    New Kaaj videos *02.22.05*

    Thank you! I'll try to download it once again once I get home... *sighz* I hate my computer, what the heck is wrong with its right click>save as function???? :twisted:
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    Holy Crap!!!!!!(Warning Possible Spoilers)

    So, if it's out already, will anyone be generous enough to let us download it? I really want to watch it and really can't wait to see the wedding... NGAH!!! I hope I can watch it in my PC.
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    Music Video - Tsuki

    Thank you! I'm going straight to look for it right now! But do you know what's wrong with my right click>save as function? *sighz* it has not been working eversince I re-installed XP Professional. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Tried browsing through my internet options and...
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    Holy Crap!!!!!!(Warning Possible Spoilers)

    Is it out already? Man.... I wanna watch it.. Is it available for download? WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Music Video - Tsuki

    I've tried it already. I can view the video in my browser through quicktime but can't download it into my hardisk. I am facing problems with my right click>save as as well... *sighz*
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    Kirari Sailor Dream (Piano Version) (Full Version)

    Thanks! :D Sorry for replying so late, had been busy with college lately.. About the downloading window.. nothing works, I've tried it at other sites as well, and everytime I right click>save as, the window wouldn't pop out.. grr... Actually, I only long for the piano version of Kirari...
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    Music Video - Tsuki

    Is there a place where I can direct dl? Cause I have been waiting for a long time in the server for it to load, but nothing happens... The torrent isn't connected to any seeds either.. :(