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    Haven't bought the VIZ DVD/BD sets in a while, have they improved in quality since the first set?

    I have been buying the Madman sets since the VIZ R box set release came with a janky dvd. Now that they've finished releasing the series here in the US, and I have heard madman may not finish their release, I'd like to know if VIZ ever made any real improvements to the video quality on their...
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    Another reprint of the Saailor Moon small format

    I could see buying it, tbh. Something roughly the size of the Tokyopop pocket mixx releases, except the pages won't fall out.
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    DiC vs. Viz

    I think the Viz dub is better for faithfulness, but the DiC dub had more heart. And to be quite honest, if I could see the DiC dub getting a new home video release I'd probably buy it. I know that there are some of the DiC episodes on VHS, but with VHS, unless the VCR has auto-tracking you...
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    [US] Sailor Moon SuperS Viz Blu-ray/DVD sets

    Huh. That seems out of the ordinary for Viz. Usually they're style is to keep the same name but pronounce it differently or something. Thank god. Those madman sets were getting expensive. I may still buy them, but the shipping kills me. When they first came out I knew I was going to be in boot...
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    [US] Sailor Moon SuperS Viz Blu-ray/DVD sets

    Surprised I missed that. Was it just the dub or did they screw up the sub too? How is the video quality? Is it better than the R disk sets?
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    [JP] 90s anime Blu-ray sets announced

    It's all very tempting, but it would be nice if they had the nice stuff from the laserdiscs... that I would totally buy if I could be sure they didn't have laser rot or deep scratches..
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    Which Season had the best animation?

    I think it was Stars, simply because Masahiro Ando only ruined one episode with his awful design.
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    [US] Sailor Moon & Codename Sailor V manga kanzenban thread

    I just picked up that volume a few days ago. The title was the only thing that bothered me. I think I can actually see Jupiter in my book though. But if the title is one of the few things wrong, I'm happy. Not a fan of the honorifics, but at least the dialogue sounds natural.
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    [US] Sailor Moon SuperS Viz Blu-ray/DVD sets

    Has anyone noticed if the video quality has picked up on these sets? I've been just buying the Madman releases from Australia, but those are getting expensive and I can only play them on my computer...
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    [US] Sailor Moon SuperS Viz Blu-ray/DVD sets

    Viz changed his name? What episode was this?
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    Sailor Moon Classic Season 1 Discussion

    He's probably in the same place Takumi Fujiwara's mom is.
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    [US] Sailor Moon S Viz Media Dub/Blu-Ray

    Hopefully Madman can improve on it.
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    Los Angeles, CA Preimere Event of Sailor Moon R The Movie

    I wish I could go, but I'm already scheduled for FTD and I can't take leave then now, since I didn't already have it forecasted.
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    Australian English Dub Release BETTER?

    IIRC the german releases used their VHS masters for the german dub on their DVDs, while the subbed version was the 09 Japanese remaster. I thought the French one was the same?
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    Silly, pointless dub edits

    I honestly didn't mind the issues with the cloverway dub much, but I think that's because 1) the voice acting for haruka was worse and 2)the dvds had dual audio track. I actually think we came out lucky as far as names go. Look at the Saban dub of Smile Pretty cure (AKA "Glitter Force") and...