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    Sailor Moon Crystal - New Season Confirmed

    I hope he dies in pain.
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    Do any of you dislike the old english dub?

    I've read all of your wrong, ignorant statements on this thread, don't worry. Thanks for your concern though! More like just wrong. She was notably attracted to Haruka, and never had an "issue" with anyone's sexuality. There is only one episode in which she censors Makoto's interest for...
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    Do any of you dislike the old english dub?

    No, and that particular person's "criticism" is incorrect, and also ridiculous. Saying Zoicite and Kunzite's relationship is "problematic" because Zoicite is feminine, and as such "adapts to a hetero-normative dynamic", necessarily implies Zoicite being feminine is wrong, suggesting he, as a...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal - New Season Confirmed

    They made Scorpio Miro female. Most of the Golden Saints were heavily redesigned as well, and barely resembled their 90's counterparts, except for Pisces Aphrodite. Most fans disliked the film. It didn't got the amount of hate Dragon Ball Evolution received, as Saint Seiya is a smaller...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal - New Season Confirmed

    That's why they should've kept an art style that was similar to Araki's. The Lost Canvas is easily the best written version of the franchise, but Shiori's designs, although considerably better than Kurumada's, were off-putting, as they were the polar opposite of Shingo's delicate, feminine...
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    Do any of you dislike the old english dub?

    LMAO. You forgot racism, anti-semitism, transphobia and islamophobia. OT: Yes, it's horrible. And although I haven't watched the latest US dub, it's probably horrible too. My issue with it is not only the censorship, no-sense dialogue, etc, but the actual poor quality in the voice acting...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal - New Season Confirmed

    Saint Seiya's 3D film was visually STUNNING. Most fans rejected it because their favorite characters got no spotlight, were heavily redesigned, or got their gender changed. But the actual animation quality was great, same for Dragon Ball films. OT: Bored of waiting for news on the new films.
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    Who is Princess Serenity's father?

    Queen Serenity was hermaphrodite, she vomited an egg like Piccolo Daimaho in Dragon Ball, and that's how Usagi was born.
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    Do you think that the Usagi slaps were all necessary?

    Luna also attacked her with her claws during the first season. All commoners rebelling against the Queen is always something to be seen under a positive light.
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    DIC's Dub made Sailor Moon popular in North America

    I don't understand how a horrible dub should be given credit for making a franchise, that was already proven successful all around the globe, popular. Sailor Moon was a hit because of its interesting cast and themes, and the beautiful character designs. I'd say in North America's case the...
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    CCS Clear Card made me even more angry at Toei

    Reported. OT: I don't understand this "Sakura makes Crystal look bad" obsession. Sakura appeals to a different generation of fans, and its success/failure will not, and does not, affect Crystal in any shape or form. Crystal looks bad because it's bad, period. The reason why Sakura's...
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    The Amazoness Quartet in SuperS

    Not when the Amazon Trio exists. But I do enjoy the Quartet in the anime, their Peter Pan-ish conflict is pretty deep, although it was not fleshed out properly. Palla Palla is my favorite, she's like the Bubbles of the group.
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    Sailor Stars ending

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    Sailor Stars ending

    No, it was deep and meaningful.
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    Why was Venus the first one awakened?

    Because Naoko created her first.