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    General appreciation of BSSM in anime fandom

    An anime that gave Ikuhara his big break can't be all that bad.
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    MoonSticks- Hilarious Sailor Moon Comics (updated weekly!)

    Great to know you're back.
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    Sailor Moon Abridged

    No comment.
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    Sailor Moon Vol. 3 Discussion

    Hey guys, I've been buying the manga and... >entire thread Oh.
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    Read Fred Ladd's Chapter On Sailor Moon

    Seconded. With bios like this, sometimes you have to be on your guard if you ever want to make sense out of history, especially animation. If we exclude the erroneous mistakes, at least we now have a general idea on how DiC handled the dub of the first two series, which I'm thankful for...
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    Did Sailor Moon give birth to Moe?

    Someone at Ganiax (the director of FLCL) thinks it did, though not in way this thread is intended. He explains it--translated from a Japanese source--like this... source
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    Favorite Sailor?

    Inner: Three way tie between Moon, Mercury, and Venus. If I have to choose one, Mercury, but that's because of my fondness of her personality. If I have to judge on characterizations, then it's easily Venus, with Moon as my pick with the best development as an overall character. Outer...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Kodansha USA acquires Sailor Moon manga!

    So... can someone alert me what's going on with the manga? Apparently something went wrong...
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    Your views on the DIC promo commercial

    Fred Ladd once said that DiC had no idea what to do with the show when they first got it, because they were under the impression that all they had to do was just distribute it (Fred also said they didn't know what to do with it because it was "Japanese"). They never thought they eventually had...
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    What music score would you prefer for a new BSSM series?

    Probably one that continues where Stars left off in terms of new cues-- orchestral music. If not, maybe one that does the same thing the anime did: evolve music ideas as the show develops. You know, go from a sassy Charlie's Angel motif to a more instrumental felling, and then to a more jazzy...
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    Why does Usagi run so fast in the S credits?

    It's an anime closing sequence. They run by their own rules and regulations.
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    Kodansha Sailor Moon/Sailor V Manga Sightings Thread

    I'm a little late, but I got my copy of Sailor Moon at Books-A-Million one day before the big release date (about 3 copies too).
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    SM characters that need more love

    Everyone (especially the villains) from the SuperS anime.
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    "She's Got the Power's" Stan Bush at Botcon 2009

    Ask him if he knows on why the dub guys wanted him of all people. If he doesn't know, oh well, ask anyways.