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  1. Fabong

    What's Your Favorite Style Sailor Uniform?

    I honestly like the simple classic style.
  2. Fabong

    Which Sailor Scout would you date?

    My girlfriend is a tall brunette who likes to bake so this is an easy one for me.
  3. Fabong

    DiC script going for auction

    I also have a Dic script lying around somewhere, annotated by one of the voice actors (I believe the previous owner was Roland Parliament)
  4. Fabong

    Russian Figure Skater Meets Naoko Takeuchi

    Great scenes on display
  5. Fabong

    In Defense of the Doom Tree Arc

    Yes thats a good observation it was a refreshing change in the status quo
  6. Fabong

    In Defense of the Doom Tree Arc

    I like the Doom Tree saga a lot in some respects it was a highlight for me believe it or not, a lot of fun indeed.
  7. Fabong

    Discussion: Jupiter

    That's exactly how I write a number 4 which only amplified my initial confusion upon seeing it. Anyway, Jupiter is my favorite sailor and contender for my favorite fictional character of all time. She may be flawed but she's a far more interesting character for it.
  8. Fabong

    Who is better: Naoko Takeuchi or Rumiko Takahashi?

    Naoko's individual pieces are more beautiful but Rumiko has doubtless touched a greater audience and has more consistently put out popular new works.
  9. Fabong

    Sailor Moon Abridged Series

    Literally one more episode and I would have been fine, they ended on a cliffhanger the episode before the end of the Doom Tree story. Poor decision there but I accept they had their lives to get on with.
  10. Fabong

    What Sailor Soldier would you be, according to your starsign

    I am a Pieces. I don't know what planet that corresponds to but I will assume it's Neptune as Pieces is a fish and Neptune was the god of the sea. Sailor Neptune is OK I guess. She is certainly the better half in her relationship.
  11. Fabong

    Favorite General of the Dark Kingdom

    Nephrite, the highlight being his Tuxedo Mask disguise. Classic.
  12. Fabong

    Sailor Moon Abridged Series

    Megami33's SMA was super, enjoyed every episode and I was sad that it cut off when it did. It was actually pretty crucial in making me a big fan of sailor moon.
  13. Fabong

    Who is your favorite out of the Witches 5?

    Mimete, all my favourite villains are great at twister.
  14. Fabong

    Your unpopular Sailor Moon opinions

    Yes up with this sort of thing. Never understood anyone liking the outers over the inners. Sure they're powerful but i'll take a weaker good guy than a powerful bitch any day.
  15. Fabong

    Question about Usagi's parents and separate beds

    Mama likes a soft mattress, papa likes a hard mattress, this way they can both be happy.