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  1. FloraKiraraHime

    Sailor Moon Eternal - target audience?

    I liked the 90's anime, yet I also loved the live action drama whole a lot more than 90's anime. That's Mio Kuroki. I acknowledge Crysal was a failure, but using references to the 90's anime to please certain fans isn't most the constructive criticism.
  2. FloraKiraraHime

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    @sapphire91 I'm now starting to dislike Takahashi's character designs for SMC3, they looked too gooey and marshmallowy especially on the Inners! Yuck! :dead::nope:
  3. FloraKiraraHime

    We're getting a (Japanese) novelization of the Sailor Moon story ?!?

    @MementoNepenthe I don't like blonde Queen Serenity/Selene, either.
  4. FloraKiraraHime

    Favorite Art Style

    I love all the art styles you mentioned!
  5. FloraKiraraHime

    When was the last time you watched Crystal?

    I was watching Crystal because there is an FB group I'm in that does watch parties on Wednesday. I think I stopped they were about to start season 3.
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    Which Female Villain is the prettiest?

    Black (Wicked) Lady, Dark Mercury/Akumi, Sailor Mnemosyne, Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, Sailor Lead Crow, Queen Nehellenia, Beryl, Ann/Natsumi Ginga, Mistress 9, and Mio Kuroki were all beautiful villainesses.
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    Thread in which Mara rants obsessively about Naoko (again)

    Because she's busy raising her children?
  8. FloraKiraraHime

    Act 1 in Full Color

    I'd love to see color manga, those images were pretty!
  9. FloraKiraraHime

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    TMS Entertainment is a much better animation studio than Toei. The Fruits Basket reboot is amazing. KyoAni, I think is another studio that can handle Sailor Moon properly.
  10. FloraKiraraHime

    I definitely much more prefer 90s Usagi!

    What about live action Usagi?! PGSM Usagi cares about her Sailor friends deeply, a good example of this is when Ami/Mercury is brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom general Kunzite. In the tokusatsu. Usagi didn't want to fight her corrupted teammate beacuse she cared about Ami. Let's not forget that...
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    The Kodansha TV Picture Books

    I like this thread, especially the use of names from Optimum's dub.
  12. FloraKiraraHime

    Missing characters ?

    I love the idea of Naru being included as one of Usa's bridesmaids because they're close friends. I want to see the wedding preparations.
  13. FloraKiraraHime

    Rumour With No Proof I’m Sick Of Reading

    I saw these "Earth Wind" dojinshi.