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    You're back! Nice to see you around.

    You're back! Nice to see you around.
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    Sailor Moon In A Nutshell.... (Warning Semi-Explicit Language)

    :lol: That was great. Really well edited, too. Feels like a different universe where the dub went even more crazy with changing dialogue.
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    Is the Chibiusa hate a western thing?

    Hate of Chibi-Usa in Japan is directly linked to the plummeting birth rates. The current female adults of Japan realized how horrible motherhood would be by watching 90s Sailor Moon and are instead investing their time and money into expensive bags, shoes, and cars instead of on families and...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    Agreed. The blue/light-blue/white combination looks really good. Neptune isn't half-bad for the same reason. I think part of the problem with most of their outfits is that the newly added color on the skirt + the white boots clash with the color of their bows. I don't mind most of the Eternal...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    I don't miss the way her hair made her look like she had a giant cranium back then, though. The promo image above is weird. Obviously it's just a copy-paste of the individual images, but is there a black hole around Usagi and Chibi-Usa? The hair and ribbons of the senshi are being drawn towards...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    I know it wouldn't have happened since the collab with Momoclo was a big reason for the song existing in the first place, but I would have liked to have heard a version done by the senshi VA. Probably would have helped the song a lot considering the vocals are the weakest element.
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    Prior to learning that the manga plot was different, I thought the 'Prism' in her transformation was referring to the rainbow crystals. Split the silver crystal into parts, like through a prism, and you end up with the rainbow. Then once the brooch and crystal are integrated, it becomes Crystal...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    So they're illustrating the merch now instead of the anime/manga incarnation? :P Usagi's nose is all but gone in that image...
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    Naoko Takeuchi's Recent Artwork

    Another cat collar feature. :P
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    Sailor Moon Museum

    They've been trying to bury its existence even harder than SM:C, so I wouldn't count on it. I'd like to see something of it too, though.
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    I'm in agreement. There's a flatness to the characters in SM:E due to the coloring/shading, mostly, but everything has this round squishy look to it. SM:C still had a problem with noodly limbs sometimes in motion, but the anatomy was better. I like how you can see the muscle/tendon in the arm...
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    Naoko Takeuchi's Recent Artwork

    That's not what I mean. It's like they're all cast in a weird, dim sunset. There's an orangey-brown tone to everything, and the lighting in the illustrations (not the photographs) is putting the emphasis on odd places. Just look at Chibi-Moon's face. Her eyes and face are mostly in shadow except...
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    Naoko Takeuchi's Recent Artwork

    I think the new illustrations are quite elegant and lovely, but I don't like the coloring. There's something odd about it, like a poorly lit photograph. There's also some weirdness on how she's modified their uniforms. I hate the new chokers. Not only do they do away with some of the unique...
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    The WORST Thing About the Viz Dub

    I mean, I get that there's a need to fill out some scenes if the lipsync doesn't meet up, but I completely agree. The dumb jokes and random inserted dialogue is hypocritical when Viz constantly pushed this as the authentic and un-altered release. I still don't like Sheh as Sailor Moon. She's...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    Whoever wished on the monkey's paw needs to be more specific. This forum ( and other venues) have been compaining about the lack of new SM:C/E art. Well, now we have some. Limited to a special JP-only (mostly digital) spending card. Maybe we'll get "lucky" and they'll recycle this art on cheap...