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    Favorite Obscure Characters

    I liked that they were alumni at the same middle school that the star of their film was currently a student at.
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    Pretty Guardian Sailor... Mercury?

    Maybe it did belong to the Mercury royal family before Queen Serenity had her forces slay the King and Queen and take the silver crystal for herself and had the the crown princess kidnapped and raised as one of her daughter’s handmaidens and told her family was killed by Queen Beryl :mischief:
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    What should the next live action project be?

    Three years of high school in Japan (equivalent to 10th-12th grade) since Mamoru in the manga was a second year high school student (grade 11) he would be 16 or 17. Like Memento said the ages in the manga/anime are all sorts of messed up but I’m pretty sure Act 5 explicitly takes place in June...
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    Motoki + ? = Love

    They both wanted to be doctors in the Dic dub :) I like to think they got married and started their own practice together (although I think Amy wanted to be a pediatrician and Andrew wanted to be a surgeon?)
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    The Crimes and Memories of Tuxedo Mask

    The live action series sure thought so since they made Tuxedo Mask the jewel thief that Sailor V stopped. Manga wise I assume they worked for the Dark Kingdom since Tux operated solo. This is canon now. Including the 90s anime. It makes too much sense. Mamoru: You don’t understand Usagi, I...
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    What should the next live action project be?

    Did it not appear on his student id in the third act? I know it at least identified him as a high school junior which would put him at 16-17
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    What should the next live action project be?

    I feel like for a Hollywood movie to work it would have to 1. be set in America. I don’t trust Hollywood to set a movie in Japan and not turn it into a theme park version of Japan. Which leads to.. 2. Using the DiC names (at least for the girls and Mamoru) Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina...
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    The Canadian dub's 25th anniversary thread

    I mean their dub that sounds like something made by a group of college friends with discount audio equipment from a radioshack clearance sale is superior to something that sounds like an actual professional show I guess?
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    What should the next live action project be?

    A new Japanese Toku show with a better costuming department.
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    The Canadian dub's 25th anniversary thread

    yeah seeing Viz said anything made my skin crawl. Like screw off all you’ve done is boast on how much superior your fandub quality product is.
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    Manga Art Errors Thread

    “I knew Sailor Moon, meatballs on her hair probably not as good as the meatballs with the spaghetti they serve at my restaurant at Trump towers. And I tell you what if she wasn’t 14 and a cartoon character perhaps I’d be dating her”
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    Favorite version of the manga?

    The Mixx manga where journalism integrity was a joke they heard once and they passed Noako’s notes off as interviews they had with her and her talking directly to Mixx readers and not Nakayoshi
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    Question from a first time viewer

    The filler for at least the first two seasons aint that bad honestly. The worst of it is the long gap between Mars joining the team and Jupiter joining the team (15 episodes!) but its nothing like your average tv anime aimed at young boys. There is a 13 episode story arc exclusive to the anime...