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    Why Sailor Moon R Beats The Crystal Version

    “Your parents loved you and you mistook our wanting to give you independence for lack of caring” Doing her job I assume It’s possible when Toei gave them the masters to dub over they took out the insert songs for some reason. They did that with Dragon Ball and most of the international...
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    Christian Production Company: "Sailor Moon is Satanic"

    Where’s Viz’s draconian copyright content claim when you need it
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    Deleted and Altered Scenes from the 90s Anime?

    Honestly Sailor Mars grabbing the last DD girl by the tentacle and being all “I’m not finished yet..” was so badass and iconic I’m glad they went with that instead of Moon finishing off the last DD Girl. Sailor Venus jumping down from the building and taking off her mask is also iconic and it...
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    How powerful do you think Moon is pre-Silver Crystal?

    I know once she got the silver crystal she was on another level from the other Sailor Scouts but without the crystal (like the first series when her only technique was Moon Tiara Action) it felt like she was weaker than Mars and Jupiter probably on par with Venus or a bit weaker and stronger...
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    Is there a reason the '90's made Mamoru such an asshole?

    No. Rei’s grandfather was in the manga he just looked completely different and appeared a lot less.
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    Is there a reason the '90's made Mamoru such an asshole?

    There’s not much difference between Mamoru from S onward to manga Mamoru but honestly Mamoru in Classic and R is pretty different than the manga. I like Usagi and Mamoru’s dynamic in the first season so I’m not horribly upset by that change. In the manga he was kind of just “pretty boy love...
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    Pluto’s revival in the anime

    He saw Usagi as a threat. If Fiore was a woman nobody would be arguing against the idea of Fiore being in love with Mamoru.
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    The '90s Anime Episodes' Working Titles

    Chocolate Parfait together is a bajillion times better than “Naru’s tears! Nephrite dies for love!”
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    Do the Movies Share a Canon?

    You mean the special where Mercury uses an attack she never used before and will never use again? The special that’s premise is contingent on everyone forgetting Ryo existed?
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    The '90s Films vs Their Respective Seasons

    Since S and SuperS were so damn formulaic I prefer the movies to the series
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    Do the Movies Share a Canon?

    In my mind as far as the R movie goes the events of the first series more or less play out the same except the girls and Mamoru don’t lose their memories upon being brought to life, Ail and En never show up. Mamoru doesn’t ever break up with Usagi and the movie takes place after the Black Moon...
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    Will the Real Sailor Moon R Ep.75 Please Stand Up?

    FWIW’s much like cutting Sammy’s scene in episode 1 skipping Japanese episode 2 so the radio episode is his debut doesn’t really impact anything. Andrew’s debut becoming “Ah yes the boy Serena likes” is slightly awkward though and I think DiC should have added a line in the first episode...
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    Will the Real Sailor Moon R Ep.75 Please Stand Up?

    True but in the case of the skipped episodes it seem less content reason and more finding the most expendable episodes to skip They skipped 3 Usagi solo episodes to get to the Scouts faster, which made sense as they were heavily featured in the DiC opening (compare the first Toei opening which...
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    Pluto’s revival in the anime

    Why Does Fiore Look So Much Like Ail and An?
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    Will the Real Sailor Moon R Ep.75 Please Stand Up?

    There’s no official answer but more than likely due to DiC only initially planning on producing 65 episodes (the standard number of episodes for American kids tv shows at the time) they wanted a decent stopping point and had they had not skipped any episodes the theoretical last episode would be...