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  1. karasu_tomoe

    My Art Thread

    I ended up drawing the entire Amazoness Quartet. Took way too long, and got really stressful towards the end. -_-
  2. karasu_tomoe

    My Art Thread

    I'm thinking, rather than make a whole new thread for each little thing I draw, it'd be better to just have one master thread for all my completed works going forward. So that's what I'm doing, starting with this most recent thing I put together. This... is PG-13 right? lol
  3. karasu_tomoe

    Favored Version and Why?

    Definitely got hooked after a while myself, especially with their own liberties and twists on the standard storyline keeping me interested. Not sure why, but I kinda liked PGSM's take on Motoki, making him this kind of dorky hyper-optimistic goofball, rather than the kind of stock...
  4. karasu_tomoe

    Is the Sailor Moon fandom really as bad as people think?

    Current Brony myself, but was never like super obsessed or anything, just an interesting show and a nice ride while it lasted, as well as making the internet in general a lot more entertaining lmao. The weird videos and fanfiction were, to me, nothing really more than the kind of random...
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    Naoko’s aversion to gay men?

    Huh. Now I'm stupidly curious what her reaction would be to some of my fanart... O.o
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    Do people still watch the Dic Dub unironically?

    Definitely a nostalgia fix for me. That being said, I do feel like they handled certain things better in the DiC dub than the Viz dub. While the lines and dialogue is definitely cheesy most of the time, the delivery of those lines often feels more genuine and natural, IMO. When Naru/Molly cried...
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    Sailor Venus (semi-WiP)

    DeviantArt and Pixiv, but I do predominantly NSFW and semi-NSFW stuff though, so explore at your own risk.
  8. karasu_tomoe

    Sailor Venus (semi-WiP)

    Made a new Venus pic recently that I'd like to share, though it's a little on the spicy side so I just cropped most of it out to put here. The full thing is on any of the art sites I'm on if you want to find it. I don't think it's BAD or explicit... just a little weird. lol
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    Fanfiction Ideas

    Not sure if I told this one already. Made it up as kind of a sub-plot to a fanfic/fancomic idea I want to start up, but I think it's interesting enough on its own as well. Takes place in the 90s anime universe. Beryl's death left the Dark Kingdom in disarray, with factions forming to fill the...
  10. karasu_tomoe

    Getting back into drawing

    Guess I'll bump just to post this thing I'm working on, because I'm hoping I can get some help with it. She's an original Daimon design I'm working on for my fanfic/fancomic idea. Haven't given her an official name yet, but for now I'm just designating her as "Arma." So, as you can probably...
  11. karasu_tomoe

    Getting back into drawing

    Well, thanks! Another practice. Kinda cheated and used a reference, and even then, not entirely 100% accurate, and the fact that it took over 20 minutes just to draw a head with all that is a bit telling... Mostly just trying to make sure my framework is consistent, which it seems to be for...
  12. karasu_tomoe

    Getting back into drawing

    Been out of the game for a long while, so I've working to scrub off some of my rust. Just started re-learning how to draw heads and faces, starting with a VERY rough 10-15-minute draft of Minako. For the time it took, I feel okay about it. Could be refined though if I'm really aiming to...
  13. karasu_tomoe

    Next time on Death Battle...

    So, Galaxia is set to fight Beerus from DBZ/DBS for the next episode. Just thought I'd pass that along. :)
  14. karasu_tomoe

    When Nephrite was dying when was Usagi, Ami and Rei were crying were they just for Naru's sake ?

    Maybe add a touch of guilt as well. Naru was right about the good in him, and they couldn't really see it until it was too late.
  15. karasu_tomoe

    Looking for writing advice (fanfic/fancomic idea)

    So, now that I'm out of school for a while, I want to actually start a solid outline, but MAN am I having trouble figuring out where to start. And it's not something that's easy to ask help for without spoiling a lot of stuff. I think the biggest issue is just establishing and introducing...