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    Why we *like* and dislike Mamoru

    To make it short and sweet. Dislikes: He's a boring, dull character that does nothing but just stand there and cause shitty plots. Does he talk? I don't even remember. Not to mention he's a pussy at fighting. If at anything, they could have made him an idiot or a comedy relief character, I'd...
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    What is your favourite relationship?

    Damn it's almost been two years and my answer still doesn't change from the first page. Without a doubt, both H&M and Rei&Usa have the most sincere, deep and loving relationship that doesn't happen with any other characters near them, not even Mamoru. No question about it.
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    Another girlfriend for Mamoru

    Setsuna. Boring and mature couple. Woo.
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    Can Usagi Disguise To Any Characters?

    In all honesty, everyone has the same face. Tis a shame the pen didn't continue in the anime. It really was too useful.
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    Which (female) Enemy Would You Be?

    Why isn't the obvious Galaxia up there? Cuz that's what I'd love to be. She has some mother kicking power.
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    Ohhh I see what you did there... You paired up the colors of each precious stone with a matching sailor scout. No one's ever thought of that before. Very clever. Aw, but you left Saturn and Pluto unprotected. Now they're gonna die. Good job.
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    Re: Sailor Neptune Holy **** That's like... a real life frickin Michiru. Hot.
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    Most intimidating looking member of the other villain groups

    Of course it's Wisemen. You can't see the dude's face and the bastard's always sitting. He certainly has that mysterious/creepy look about him. He never scared me as a child, he intrigued me. Nehelenia has a close second. Might I add, that even though these are not intimidating I always found...
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    What if....

    HAHAHAHAHAAA Usagi having dissociative identity disorder. Too funny.
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    Outers Cameo in my Pokemon Extra

    ... Why does Uranus and Neptune look like the Simpsons...? Well... I don't believe Uranus is the "thumbs-up" kind of girl. But I digress. Hell, my creativity is too weak to make something like this and you just portrayed what Uranus and Neptune do half of the time in battle. I would indeed...
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    What storyline is better

    hey, the live action series has a story line... who knew...
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    Mistakes in the Anime?

    Great eyes animators. I'm sure that job payed well.
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    Weakest of the Outers

    Damn myself for never reading the manga. But a plus to Ura. She can destroy ze planetz! Huzzah.
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    Favorite ending theme

    Ok, I hardly spent my time listening to the end songs so I cannot judge. The one I can mostly remember is Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute only because I heard it in a piano version and ended up listening to it twenty times. It has a very upbeat yet tranquil melody. So I shall choose that one...