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    Valentine’s Day at Shining Moon Tokyo: Is Reinako Now Semi-Canon?

    I mean I don't know in some of the Sera Myu Haruka and Michiru had romantic scenes if I remember and even some romantic songs.
  2. MariaTenebre

    Valentine’s Day at Shining Moon Tokyo: Is Reinako Now Semi-Canon?

    Well it definitely couldn't be canon in the 90s anime as Minako pretty much mentioned that as soon as she found out that Yaten's true form was female she lost all interest in her. In other canons maybe I always felt that in PGSM especially their relationship was rather yuriesque and certain...
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    Queen Nehellenia manga

    Hi guys I have a question if you all wouldn't mind indulging me. This is actually a question regarding the Sailor Moon manga specifically Queen Nehellenia in the Dream Arc. Mainly I suppose her sort manga backstory. I know that Queen Nehellenia in that story was said to be the Queen of the Dark...
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    Door of Space-Time Underworld

    Hi guys I have a question. I read once somewhere that the Door of Space-Time that Sailor Pluto guards is actually located in the Underworld. Is this accurate. I know it can be reached by a Time Key and it was even accessible by Queen Serenity in the Silver Millennium and even by Chibiusa and the...
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    Pretty Guardian Sailor... Mercury?

    You know it is rather interesting on the topic of this thread. Now given that Usagi is my personal favorite character in the series I obviously prefer her as the main character as opposed to Ami. However an interesting fact is that when the 90s anime was going into production Aya Hisakawa aka...
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    When Nephrite was dying when was Usagi, Ami and Rei were crying were they just for Naru's sake ?

    I mean I think they cried for both of them both for the tragedy of Nephrite passing since he redeeemed himself and Naru's sadness in losing him.
  7. MariaTenebre

    Pretty Guardian Sailor... Mercury?

    I highly doubt she would have done a series without Pluto even if created today. Pluto has been an important planet for a while and if she only wanted to make Senshi for celestial objects of real planets she most likely wouldn't have made a Sailor Moon or even Asteroid Senshi. However I will...
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    Let’s talk about the DiC character profiles

    I like the idea of Chibiusa being 900 it is interesting and fits with the long lifespan of the people of Crystal Tokyo and the Moon Matriarchy. Another thing I will say that is a bit of a change is Makoto, Minako, Mamoru and Chibiusa's favorite colors. Most of the others match fairly well even...
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    The Lost Episodes of Sailor Moon

    It would be interesting if someone wrote a fanfiction of the plots of those missing episodes. Maybe they could be special episodes akin to those three special episodes in SuperS. You know the ones depicting the Usagi's growth diary, the Haruka and Michiru Lemures episode and the Vampire Lemures...
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    Founding of Crystal Tokyo

    Ah I see well thank you for the info Memento Nepenthe.
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    Sailor Cringeworthy

    What do you think happens to girls who turn into women as they grew they gain big adult breasts and buttocks Chibiusa turned into one fast so she gained these things fast. I really wish the fetish and the sex police would go elsewhere I have no interest in being policed by any of their various...
  12. MariaTenebre

    When Did Sailor Moon Jump the Shark?

    Well for me I enjoyed pretty much everything in the first 3 seasons on Sailor Moon and while there were certain things I would have liked to see included in the 90s anime I over all loved them and thought they were solid seasons. Sailor Moon S was to be the best season of said show and an...
  13. MariaTenebre

    Sailor Cringeworthy

    Ok I won't mention the Nephrite and Naru thing. I will mention that it is rather ignorant to be against Black Lady and Mistress 9 to be sexualized as they were turned into adults and Mistress 9 is an entirely different person then Hotaru. I really wish that the prudes of the modern SJW movement...
  14. MariaTenebre

    Founding of Crystal Tokyo

    Hi guys I admit I have yet to see Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 aka the Black Moon Arc of this season however I am aware in the original version of the manga that to my knowledge Usagi becomes Neo Queen Serenity and founds Crystal Tokyo in the year 2000 if I am correct? My question is that since...
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    Hi MementoNepenthe this is MariaTenebre. I have always respected your opinions and vast...

    Hi MementoNepenthe this is MariaTenebre. I have always respected your opinions and vast knowledge of the series and even if we may not necessarily agree on certain things I do respect your knowledge and over all genteel demeanor on the forum. I have a question are those recolored pics of Sailor...