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    The Extra Act

    Euuuh~~~~!! Wow!! I'll have to see it to believe it. I may just die laughing xD
  2. mcvarmazi

    Holy Crap!!!!!!(Warning Possible Spoilers)

    those are not miyuu's hands. unless she got hand-enlarging and finger-elongating surgery. *_* enlarging and elongating surgery is not usually done for that part of the body..... :o :o :o oh and just for reference, just because it appears in print doesn't mean it's true ;)...
  3. mcvarmazi

    Holy Crap!!!!!!(Warning Possible Spoilers)

    I declare this picture a photoshop. His neck is too thin for one thing. His hands don't have such thin fingers. Also, Miyuu's hands are way too big and fingers too long. Those definitely don't look right. Fake, fake, fake.
  4. mcvarmazi

    Holy Crap!!!!!!(Warning Possible Spoilers)

    hmm yea, the more i look at it, his head is a bit, weird. if it's not, it could very likely be just a promo shot for the show? they did have the rings at the end of 49 after all...
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    Final Act Opinions

    I was pretty dissatisfied with this episode. I didn't find it poignant or effective at all. I'm leaving PGSM with such an empty feeling.... that's the really sad part.
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    Act 49 Preview!

  7. mcvarmazi

    Super Live Event DVD Opinions

    Well, it's either oba-san or obaa-san. Remember, there's this thing called 'middle age' -- you're not going to call a 40 year old woman grandmother, but you won't be calling her older sister usually either.
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    Super Live Event DVD Opinions

    The green bottles are cold green tea -- a very common drink in Japan. It's got a tad of caffiene but no sugar.
  9. mcvarmazi

    Super Live Event DVD Opinions

    I just watched the whole thing, it was VERY amusing! The Shitennou segment was absolutely the best, when Nephrite made the girl cry I was laughing SOO hard. It looked like a lot of fun and a lot of hard work to be a part of xD
  10. mcvarmazi

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    That person's fanart of Lady Oscar is some of the best I've ever seen. *cries* <=== I think I'm in love with that one! Thanks for the link! XD
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    Help Nephy Express Himself!

    these are so damn funny xD
  12. mcvarmazi

    Aya Sugimoto in Fushigi Yuugi

    That's the first episode ;P And the thing with the border patrol is when she first meets Nakago and is taken to the Seriyuu palace and sees Yui, and then, [BLEEP] happens ;P
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    Super Live Event DVD Opinions

    SailorDonut, your icon is mesmerizing AND it's cracking me up! And screencaps would be AWESOME xD
  14. mcvarmazi

    Super Live Event DVD Opinions

    i really want this!!! i'm going to look for it online and get it asap... but in the meantime, any chance of this getting ripped for downloading? i guess i shouldn't ask though, huh.... anyway, it sounds like fun XD thanks for the post!!
  15. mcvarmazi

    Act 46 Preview

    Augh this show is getting way too complicated for my teeny tiny pea brain >_____< I am kinda lost. Is Endymion bad or what? I DON'T GET IT. Is Rei bad now?? Is Mako REALLY dead!??!?! NYARRRRRr my brain hurts. BUT! Nephy and Merc need to get together. That's all I know. :o