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    Sailor Moon Musical - Nogizaka 46 ver (06/2018 / 09/2018)

    If anyone knows of anyone who is able to record it or something please post about it in here or pm me - usually I would just wait around but I've been adoring the pictures I've been seeing of this (I love the Shitennou immensly so) and this musical is something I have to watch!!! Since it's not...
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    Is it weird to anyone else that Mako is the youngest Inner?

    Regardless of the fact that age =/= maturity level, Makoto is only a few months younger than the other girls at most.
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    The Consolidated Sailor Moon Cosplay Discussion Thread

    Been a while since I've been on here, but I recently cosplayed Sailor Moon in an Un Nouveau Voyage group~
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    Just how big and influential is the Sailor Moon Fandom?

    I think in terms of pop culture as a whole, we're really tiny. I've spoken to friends who have said "woah, Sailor Moon is still a thing? Do people still watch it?" In terms of the anime community, I'd say we're pretty big. Nothing near Love Live or Naruto, but pretty big.
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    [NEWS] Sera Myu: Amour Eternal Discussion Thread

    The previous Ami actually released a tweet confirming that she had withdrawn because of what people were saying. That annoys me so much. The poor girl was only 15! Could you imagine that much pressure and having people say stuff like that?? I wish I could have tuned into the live stream!!! I...
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    Act.38 - Official Discussion Thread

    Jesus the fandom is annoying the heck out of me with this episode. I feel like everyone is blinded by the Infinity arc almost?? Any time I constructively criticise this episode I get slaughtered. :lol: I disliked the first OP they did so that was an automatic 'ugh' for me. Honestly, the first...
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    Kotono's Voice direction as Crystal Usagi Opinions?!

    ^^^ ??? I didn't notice any voice change from season 1-3??? Her voice sounds the exact same to me. If anyone has a direct comparison I'd really love to hear it. The only thing I can think is that maybe in like the first 3 episodes the voice was slightly more nasal. But I definitely think this...
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    Which grade do you give to SMC Season 3?

    It's been a while since I've been on here!! Now that the season is over and the fandom is a bit more chilled out I feel safe to come back for a lil bit ^^ 7/10. I preferred the last two seasons, based on atmosphere. For me, the continued stock footage made a fight seem so much less intense...
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    Honestly who dosen't think Sailor Moon should continue

    I just personally think the dynamics of multiple relationships in the 90s anime could be seen, and generally are seen by certain audiences, as problematic. Mamoru and Usagi's relationship is a distant mismatch of weirdness between a college student and a middle schooler. The character trope...
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    Honestly who dosen't think Sailor Moon should continue

    I think those who think that the 90s anime's views on multiple touchy subjects eg. relationships, friendships, personalities etc etc would translate well into the modern world are failing to forget that the main anime audience right now, and yes, even with Sailor Moon, is probably people between...
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    Why SMC needs filler episodes

    Maybe it's fandom is also a little bit more forgiving. :lol: Haven't met anyone who is super hateful and negative yet.
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    I've been seeing alot of praise for Venus' pose in particular (not so much on this forum as other places). "Finally some fluidity! Thank god she doesn't look bad on the covers this time!!" But idk if people are forgetting she did the exact same pose in a bunch of official merch from the last...
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    [JP] Season 3 Blu-ray & DVD release dates announced

    Minako's pose is a complete re-do of one from the previous season (I have the poster literally sitting on my wall) but I actually like it. On looking back, I think Ami's actually is too. Rei looks awesome. As a personal preference, I like it for this art style. Since I'm not personally into...
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    Character Development

    Yikes. Okay. I gotta say. Why were people expecting huge character development in the first season?? It's the first season. There was actually minor character development as mentioned by the OP. All the girls broke out of their shell, they came from tough backgrounds where they were constantly...
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    Why SMC needs filler episodes

    I don't think filler is a good idea. Rather, I think Crystal going 2 episodes per act would be very beneficial.