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    What I don't like about Stars...

    Pretty much everything rgveda99 said. I was so excited to finally watch all of Sailor Stars when I got my boxset from a fansubber in Canada. I thought it had a lot of promise when it started. I hated everything about Super S but the evil queen (Not going to bother butchering her name) so it was...
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    Forbidden Planet NYC to host a Sailor-Bration!

    Wish they would haven taken a shelf out because it got very crowded. People were looking at me on my way into the city because I was wearing a jacket and shorts. It got REALLY hot in that small space. Nice to see a lot of fans make the turn out. I was speaking to a lot of people saying that when...
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    Happy Sailor Moon Manga Day Everyone!!*

    The B&N's by me shut down so I had to get them on Amazon, which I did back in May. I had an issue with the shipping but for some reason they sent Sailor V out and I got that in the mail today. They sent out Sailor Moon 1 today so I hope to have it by Thursday or Friday.
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    My Mangas's have shipped

    It's weird because I tried. The only thing it's doing is letting me change the amount for shipping. It won't let me go into the number of shipments option. It must be because I automatically click the free super saver shipping, so I guess that's why it's messed up. The shipped Sailor V free, but...
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    My Mangas's have shipped

    I preordered both Sailor V's and Sailor Moon 1-3 in early May when they were first announced and for some reason they shipped Sailor V but for some reason my copy of Sailor Moon 1 is bulked together with the other two volumes of Moon and Sailor V 2 with ship date for January. I had it set for...
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    NYC Sailor Moon Fan Meet-Up!

    *I'm an idiot. I didn't see the thread in the general forum about the party at Forbidden Planet. I gotta check the dates. I'm going to be in Disney World for the week of NY Comic Con and I don't think I'll have money to hit the wonderful LIRR to go hang out in the city.
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    Forbidden Planet NYC to host a Sailor-Bration!

    I just saw this posted on Twitter today. I've got Saturday off so I'm gonna grab the first non peek LIRR train and head on out there. Not sure if anybody wants to meet up at Penn Station and walk there. I'm terrible with directions so even though its a 20 minute walk I'm taking a taxi so I make...
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    Preview of the English Manga Re-release

    According to the release is Tuesday the 13th. I just hope they'll ship me both Sailor V and Sailor Moon 1 at the same time. When they first had them up on Amazon to preorder I just shoved them all in my cart and hit the buy now button.
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    Preview of the English Manga Re-release

    Here's my two cents. After reading the terrible Tokyopop/Mixx versions I'm just happy we're getting an unflipped, uncensored version of the manga. Just because they've put "Chan" and "Sama" into a few sentences and the translating the shopping district sign doesn't really matter to me. Just...
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    New Funimation Survey

    Filled it out, doubt they will listen. I almost wanted to put for top three anime series: 1. Sailor Moon S 2. Sailor Moon R 3. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars But didn't. P-:
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    Moments in Sailor Moon'd rather forget.

    Buy Pop Tarts. Save Sailor Moon.
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    ^_^' That's me above. I gotta learn to click the "Keep me Logged in" button. Haven't been here in a while. Sorry!
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    No, Japan's getting reissued DVDs. All us non Japanese get the usual. A big pile of nothing. :neutral:
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    BIG NEWS! SENSHI REUNITE. ... ws-of.html Nice to see them all get back together again. Can't wait to see more pictures and read about more of what happened.
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    Even if they redub the show and edit it like with Dragon Ball Kai, then I'll be happy as a clam. I know a couple of the VA's have passed on, same with Dragon Ball, but they have good replacement voices in my book. I hope Naoko is involved with something if they are planning another anime, I...