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    New Sailor Moon figure to be released!

    yeah I don't like her right arm either but I'll probably pre order/order the whole set as I've pretty much ordered nearly everything they've come out with in the past year lol. can't wait until the new moon stick comes out thought, that is going to be amazing
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    My Sailor Chibimoon Artwork

    one word: cute!
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    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    slight update: also got the SH Figuarts Mercury and Mars on pre order also pre ordered is the Crisis Brooch Ring in Gold and the Heart Locket in silver from Premium Bandai as well as some new items for my Sailor Moon cosplay but I don't think those count as a collecting.
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    Do you have Sailor Moon songs stuck in your head?

    i now have La Solider from the Sera Myu stuck in my head also L'amour, D'amour Moonlight makes an appearance every so often as well
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    A horrific Sailor Moon cosplay by an AKB48 member

    don't know what that was about but geez... bit odd isn't it
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    the worst dialogue changes to episodes

    i agree actually. each one is different and not necessarily changed in a good wa. i know they had to change certain things to fit in with a younger audience but seeing reading the manga and seeing the original Japanese Uncut Version the english dub just isn't the same. sort of glad they didn't...
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    How the break-up should have been handled

    I think breaking them up so soon after they got back together was a bit harsh, but they did get back together in the end which was good. Although they didn't have to make him be such a jerk about it. I mean telling her that he didn't love her anymore and didn't want to be with her just because...
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    Osabu: SeraMyu returns this September!!

    that can only be a good thing :). i've just started watching the musicals online, just watched the first one of the first stage. got loads more to go, so far really enjoying it although i suspect it's going to take me a few weeks to get through them all. has anyone else watched every single one...
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    Which Sailor Senshi do you relate to the most?

    definitely Usagi because she's most like me bit lazy sometimes, love of all things sweet and a bit of a klutz (if there's a way to trip I'll find it). but she loves her friends and family as well and she's very sweet. although unlike her i don't cry everytime i fall over haha
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    New Sailor Moon figure to be released!

    I've pre ordered Moon but she's not here yet. Also pre ordered Mercury and Mars and I'll be getting the other two as well. My wallet is going to hate me haha also how many of you are going to take yours out of the box? not sure if i will because what with all the extra hands, faces and wands i...
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    Who HERE can say they've watched all 200 Episodes?

    I can, I've watched all 200 including the movies.
  12. moonpoweredkitty

    Is it appropriate?

    no I think the English Dub is ok for kids because a lot of it was taken out so most of the violence is missing. However I don't think the original Japanese version is appropriate for anyone under 13 as it is quite violent and a lot darker than the English Dub especially the Stars season.
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    Do you have Sailor Moon songs stuck in your head?

    yes I've got Moonlight Densetsu stuck in my head and I also get My Only Love stuck in my head on a regular basis.
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    When did you 'return' to Sailor Moon?

    Obviously like everyone here i watched it as a kid, then probably about two years ago I ordered the dvd's off amazon and had a Sailor Moon marathon then ordered all the English re release of the manga and began reading all of that. I've become obsessed with it yet again as a result and I'd...
  15. moonpoweredkitty

    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    wow love all of your collections, hope to one day have as Sailor Moon items as you guys. at the moment i've got the following: Light Blue Boxed 2000 11.5'' Princess Serenity Doll Light Blue Boxed 2000 11.5'' Wicked Lady Doll Light Blue Boxed 2000 11.5'' Tuxedo Mask Doll Light Blue Boxed 2000...