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    semi-adultish fanfiction

    cool. I was just curious and will try to keep it clean. thanks for the heads up.
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    semi-adultish fanfiction

    hey, question. I have a few stories based on one I read called "Downtime". basically, Lita/Makoto is abducted by Michelle/Michiru to help Amara/Haruka "relieve her stress" the story is on the site as the name implies it's a fetish SM site, a lot of it having the Outer...
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    Fanfiction Ideas

    hey, I came across this fanfiction site SHACKLED SENSHI a while back, as the title indicates, it's basically an S&M bondage site with a lot of the fiction/artwork being the Outers "playing" with the Inners. there is a specific one called DOWNTIME written by the host Grimbor which takes place...