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    Your unpopular Sailor Moon opinions

    Planet Nemesis should have been made an ally and given a Senshi. Also, I do think the four shittenou are actually much more powerful than many other regular villains such as Kaolinite, Witches 5, Black Moon Clan, and even the Sailor...
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    Anyone here frustrated on the lack of news of the Dream arc movie?

    Could one reason be that in a male dominated society shojo anime like SM don’t get prioritized? That could be one reason why PGSM had only one season.
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    PGSM Community Re-Watch Thread (2018-2019)

    There were many times in the show that the girls did cartwheels and somersaults. Did they really do it themselves ?
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    I wonder what will happen to the Sailor Moon franchise once viz has dubbed everything, crystal finishes, and the manga re-release is done?

    They really should come up with badly needed new original content, especially in the musicals and anime.
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    I wonder what will happen to the Sailor Moon franchise once viz has dubbed everything, crystal finishes, and the manga re-release is done?

    They will find some way to recycle old content again if they don’t come up with new ones.
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    Civilians vs weak youma in PGSM

    How many normal civilians would it take to bring down a stronger youma, such as the shrimp-like creature in PGSM that attacked Usagi at the harbor, or the PGSM flower youma or water youma ? Also, if a normal person is on the receiving end of an attack from a youma such as a water attack or...
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    PGSM Community Re-Watch Thread (2018-2019)

    The PGSM series certainly has alot of memorable scenes that are far better than alot of teen and children fantasy movies from Hollywood that I won't name here. Another important point that I love and would like to emphasize is the fact that the Sailor Senshi are all from well to do families...
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    In PGSM, would any of the girls have gone to college (other than Ami) ?

    I do not know much about the anime and manga versions, and I choose PGSM because it looks to be the most realistic version. So anyway, if the PGSM girls existed in real life, which of them would have gone on to university besides Ami ? I certainly think Rei would have been the most likely one...
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    Sailor Moon Musical - Nogizaka 46 ver (06/2018 / 09/2018)

    ^^Whether the music of J-pop idol groups is memorable or non is a matter of personal tastes and opinion. They are already hugely popular in Japan itself, and have also garnered numerous foreign fans. Contrary to popular belief, J-pop has far from stalled, as mega-sized groups such as the 48 & 46...
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    What's Your Favorite Form of Mamoru?

    I especially loved the PGSM version of Tuxedo Mask :cool:. Unlike some other versions of him, the PGSM portrayal of him could hold his own against quite a number of enemies and assist the Sailor Senshi on numerous occasions. His outfit in PGSM also looked more hip and modern, for instance, pants...
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    Was a second season of PGSM planned ?

    Why weren't more seasons planned ? Was it because they felt the girls would age out of their roles if it lasted more than a year ?:unsure:
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    Are Artemis Luna and Diana's human forms their true forms?

    Maybe their actual forms are humanoid cats on Mau. That could be why they prefer cat forms on Earth, which is more similar to their actual forms. And simply being a cat as compared with a human being makes it easier to blend in and avoid attention. Maybe they chose to live on the Moon for work...
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    Was a second season of PGSM planned ?

    I read somewhere that there was originally intended to be a second season of PGSM, but it was cancelled due to low ratings of the first season. Is this true or was it simply a rumor ?
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    Civilians vs weak youma in PGSM

    Anyway, if the street civilians manage to beat up the weak youma, how do think the shitennou will react if they are nearby ? :wow:
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    Screenrant ranks the most powerful Sailor Moon enemies

    How do you think the sera myu villains Dark Plasman and Dark Sirius will rank ? Also, I do think that the four shitennou really do rank higher than the Black Moon Clan except for Wiseman. After all, they were Endymion's top generals and were definitely more powerful and well trained than the...