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    Sailor Moon Pet Peeves

    I'm sure it's all ready been said but one of my biggest peeves is how non existent most of the non senshi characters become after the first season. I really liked Naru and Usagi's friendship and think it could have been explored even further after they entered high school. I also wish Usagi's...
  2. octoberair90

    Senshi you would most want to cosplay?

    I'd love to see!
  3. octoberair90

    Is professor tomoe perhaps the nicest boss of the villians?

    I guess I would call him the "nicest". I think he was the only one who had a tiny sliver of human left in his conscious compared to the others. It's hard to say though because we never saw much of beryl before she was corrupted for ex
  4. octoberair90

    Biana's Sailor Moon Gallery

    Hi all. I am just curious if anyone either remembers Bianca's Sailor Moon gallery or has any information on weather or not her website had moved? It was one my favorite SM fan sites back in the early 2000s and was truly impressive. After an extensive google search all I could find was that she...
  5. octoberair90

    What would you want to change in the series?

    I somewhat agree with you when it comes to Neptune and Uranus. Esp Uranus. Not trying to start an argument here but I find her pretty unlikeable at least in S.
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    Senshi you would most want to cosplay?

    I wish I could've made a massive poll including non senshi characters maybe including villains... that might make a better separate poll though. Tux was definitely the exception here though.
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    Senshi you would most want to cosplay?

    I picked Saturn mostly just because it'd be easy. If I cut an inch or two off my hair and stayed out of the sun for awhile we could be twins. Esp given that I HATE wigs. If I could have a 2nd option without considering any limitations I'd do eternal sailor moon in her manga form. I don't think...
  8. octoberair90

    Senshi you would most want to cosplay?

    Whiich senshi would you post like to cosplay? If you already have cosplayed one maybe which character would you like to do in the future?
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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday to the beautiful Usagi :love:
  10. octoberair90

    Theory why the dub is not online anymore

    Sorry not sure why it will not upload. Image is a little cut off but I think you still get the gist. I'm going to look at their response as hopeful as it didn't seem like a generic computer generated response. ^_^
  11. octoberair90

    Theory why the dub is not online anymore

    I have been trying to contact Hulu to ask if they have any plans on releasing S dubbed in English... if not its going to be a huge disappointment.
  12. octoberair90

    Which Senshi do you resemble the most?

    Got Jupiter... weirdly i don't think I'm anything like her I was expecting to get Usagi.
  13. octoberair90

    Michiru, who are you?

    Is it true michiru was the only guardian to be awakened on her own? Kind of strange how that could happen.
  14. octoberair90

    What is your favorite Sailor Moon movie?

    1. R 2. Supers 3. S As much as i love this franchise the movies are kind of a dissapointment for. Besides S, the movies just seem like the basic theme of the season just very very recycled. ...if that makes sense to anyone