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  1. onesurvive

    What are the chances of a tankoban re-release?

    New cover editions are getting boring. Color would be nice.
  2. onesurvive

    What if Usagi and Mamoru had a son instead of Chibiusa?

    Everyone is all about this son hahaha
  3. onesurvive

    The international Sailor Moon dub thread

    I've watched some of the mexican dub, other than the DiC names I think it's alright.
  4. onesurvive

    Sailor Moon Cantonese Version

    Wonder why it's so hard to find.
  5. onesurvive

    Were Uranus and Neptune Past Life Lovers?

    All this forbiddennesssssssss
  6. onesurvive

    What's Your Favorite Style Sailor Uniform?

    True the Bow at the back and the shoulder things are a bit different.
  7. onesurvive

    What's Your Favorite Style Sailor Uniform?

    Moon/Chibi Moon's are different than the rest of the senshi but I like Super outfits on the inners not the outers. It was nice during the SuperS movie when it was a mix.
  8. onesurvive

    What Sailor Squad is Your Favorite?

    I voted for Outers.
  9. onesurvive

    The Future of the Musicals

    R movie and SuperS movie musical would be lovely.
  10. onesurvive

    Powers and Items You Wish the Senshi Had

    Sorry but does she not already do this?
  11. onesurvive

    Sailor Moon: Digital Manga Release

    That won't happen.
  12. onesurvive

    Sailor Moon original dub half hearted localization

    I was gonna sat didn't the lost episodes kinda scrap the idea of it being in America.