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  1. onesurvive

    What's Your Favorite Style Sailor Uniform?

    True the Bow at the back and the shoulder things are a bit different.
  2. onesurvive

    What's Your Favorite Style Sailor Uniform?

    Moon/Chibi Moon's are different than the rest of the senshi but I like Super outfits on the inners not the outers. It was nice during the SuperS movie when it was a mix.
  3. onesurvive

    What Sailor Squad is Your Favorite?

    I voted for Outers.
  4. onesurvive

    The Future of the Musicals

    R movie and SuperS movie musical would be lovely.
  5. onesurvive

    Powers and Items You Wish the Senshi Had

    Sorry but does she not already do this?
  6. onesurvive

    Sailor Moon: Digital Manga Release

    That won't happen.
  7. onesurvive

    Sailor Moon original dub half hearted localization

    I was gonna sat didn't the lost episodes kinda scrap the idea of it being in America.
  8. onesurvive

    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    I want a booklet! even though mine didn't come with one haha
  9. onesurvive

    Who is your favorite Death Busters member(s)?

    I guess I will put Tellu but they're kinda my least fav set of villians.
  10. onesurvive

    What If the Doom Tree Arc Were Part of the Manga?

    Wasn't there a drawing Naoko did of them for..some promo? Maybe I am imagining it.