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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy belated 44th B-Day Ami-chan! ::love:: Thai Fanart senshi & Shitennou: Photo
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    Round B-Day! Congratulations!

    Round B-Day! Congratulations!
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    Can anyone tell me what episode this cel is taken from?

    @Jawshx It was probably one of those very brief 'Blink-and-you-miss-it' Moments, lasting only about two or three frames in total. :ami:
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    @saintfighteraqua Uoy Knaht! @Rika-Chicchi Dankeschön!

    @saintfighteraqua Uoy Knaht! @Rika-Chicchi Dankeschön!
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    Library music unearthed

    Well, we still have Sites like or you could simply listen to Sailor Soapbox' Crystal Tokyo Radio Stream. I've had the 'un-cmusiced' Library Piano Tune from ep. 151 lying around somewhere for several years now. ;)
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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy 44th B-Day :usagi:!
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    Do we have any idea who owns the rights to Sailor Moon?

    @Tsundereshipper Now if only I had a Penny for every time these unsavory M. G. words are said I would be rich. And if we had a Drinking Game, we might die of Alcohol Poisoning. :booze:
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    If you're going to Woke-ify one Sailor Moon character for a new adaptation ..................

    And here we go again, Groundhog Day Loop all inclusive. It's a shame how terms like "Political Correctness", "Woke", "Anti-Woke", "Male Gaze", "Toxic Masculinity" etc. are used so inflationary these days. I'm so sick and tired of having to remind you people of remembering your MST3K Mantras time...
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    Happy B-Day! :-D

    Happy B-Day! :-D
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    Sailor Moon 90’s anime LGBT censorship explained

    And she isn't, technically speaking. The girls wear some kind of One-Piece Leotard underneath the Miniskirt and Sailor Collar.
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    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    In the 8th Episode of One Punch Man, the muscular Prison Guy's "Transformation" has a Background/Style similar to that of :usagi: in the 1st Season. :happy:
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    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023

    @sapphire91 Do you mean the :usagi: picture? Have you already tried to just right-click and save as/download it? :? Maybe this helps you. :ami:
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    Is it possible that one or more of you folks is also on MAL? Because there are Moonies who are...

    Is it possible that one or more of you folks is also on MAL? Because there are Moonies who are Harvest Moon Players, too as well.
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    Memento vs the Manga (Eternal Edition Edition)

    *Annoyed Grunt + Picard Facepalm* Wow... Give me a break right here… :| Let her wear whatever she wishes to and what is most comfortable for her. Don't force her into High Heels or some other fancy rubbish just because it 'looks better' and/or supports the 'male (or anbody else's) gaze'! :x*...
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    Hello there, fellow Ami-chan Lover! :-D ♥

    Hello there, fellow Ami-chan Lover! :-D ♥