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    Powers and Items You Wish the Senshi Had

    Like this? Be careful what you wish for. :mischief:
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    If there is only one teammate senshi, which one would you choose for Usagi?

    I wonder if :ami: would make up (The Phrase Piggy, please) a good Doctor Who Companion: Intelligent, soft personality, awesome with Computers, borderline pacifistic, blue (like the TARDIS) is her primary colour…
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    Let's think of new anime episodes!

    Would be interesting to see :ami: finally leave for Germany for a few Episodes (better late than never), maybe doing some Internship in a Doctor's Private Practice. She would stay in Contact with the others via Internet/Smartphone and encounter local villains there, too. How about one wearing...
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    Do the Movies Share a Canon?

    @MariaTenebre Yes, I think that was actually the point/joke. While the other 5 misinterpreted her behaviour as being 'in Love', :ami: herself thought of BonSon (or whatever her name was supposed to be written like) to be her academic rival. Both parties were wrong (If you want to nitpick).;)
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    If there is only one teammate senshi, which one would you choose for Usagi?

    I thought that one was Jedyte's work? :?
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Any idea what she's saying? @rgveda99 'Rooka, where's yer Troosers? :mrgreen:
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    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    There's this guy from Italy (?) who makes a habit out of displaying Anime Girls (="Waifus") on decades-old vintage TV Sets. :cool: Here comes :usagi:
  8. Onuzim Ima

    Anybody know anything about the Danish Sailor Moon dub?

    AFAIK, Denmark (like the Netherlands) is among the countries in which traditionally most Imports are rather subtitled, not dubbed. The only things I remember having seen on Danish TV with a real dub would've been lil' kids shows by Disney like Rescue Rangers or the old 80s Lucky Luke.
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    Ohayou, hi there too. :-)

    Ohayou, hi there too. :-)
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    How would Manga/Crystal/PGSM Rei have treated Yuichiro?

    :ami:'s face is PRICELESS! Would be nice to see the colorized version of this. You could use it as an Avatar, then.
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    Sailor Moon Eternal Box Office

    @Everybody: Really. Just remember your MST3K Mantras. We all can't do anything about it, anyway. ^_^':keke:
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    Sailor Moon Sailor Stars 5x05/5x06: Best Senshi teamup?

    Definitely. :haruka: is the 'Shoot-first-ask-later' type of a martial Tomboy who'd jump into Action without - so it seems - a second thought, while :ami: is the logical one, the Strategist, the Xanatos, the 'Brain' of the Team who opposes, berates & lectures her: "Well, this is my way to fight!"...
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    @MementoNepenthe LOL That's some funny Ava :-)

    @MementoNepenthe LOL That's some funny Ava :-)
  14. Onuzim Ima

    Are you a fan of the BGM in Crystal?

    Which one do you mean? This famous one or the other famous one in her Swimming Scene?