Princess Sugar Lily

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Moonie, Magical Girl fan(unless it's{something like} Madoka, get that outta my face.) who's planning on making her own Magical Girl show one day, and intersectional feminist. African-American, female, and Christian. My favorite color is pink, my favorite animal is a cat, my favorite show/anime is...take a guess. Very bubbly and stubborn. INTJ. Loves almost anything girly. Wish I could shake hands with Naoko Takeuchi for creating this amazing and empowering work of art. Listens to BLACKPINK, VOCALOID, Melanie Martinez, and Marina and the Diamonds.
Dec 1, 2004 (Age: 17)


Don't you think a girl can have both a wild heart and a flowing dress?~Princess Aisha(Winx Club)




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    Mimi Hanyuu officially feels the sting of jealousy.

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    You've got more Viewers than Usagi & Luna's traveling talent show

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    Making more friends than Chibiusa

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    More popular than Umino

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    Luna Screams Encouragement!

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