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  1. Princess Viola

    Is the Sailor Moon fandom really as bad as people think?

    I wouldn't say the Sailor Moon fandom itself is bad (granted my only real experience is here and I barely post) but I will say some of the more casual fans dismissing any other magical girl anime as a Sailor Moon rip-off or thinking this series invented the genre is hella annoying. I say this...
  2. Princess Viola

    Your unpopular Sailor Moon opinions

    Is it really that easy to mispronounce Japanese? Like I'd assume that Japanese would be one of the easier languages to learn how to pronounce things correctly. (Not talking about actually learning the language but like reading and saying people's names or the names of cities and stuff)
  3. Princess Viola

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday Haruka Tenoh!
  4. Princess Viola

    Most beautiful Senshi

    haruka i have a thing for girls with short hair, don't @ me
  5. Princess Viola

    Most likely Reboot/Remake after Crystal for 2020's

    I hope people are joking about Disney buying Toei because like, IIRC, it's all but impossible for a non-Japanese company to buy a Japanese company. Anyways give us PGSM 2. Just bring all the original actresses back
  6. Princess Viola

    Why The Sailor Moon Live Action Show Is AWFUL!!!

    Honestly I never understood why some people have issues with Luna and Artemis being talking plush cats. I mean what would be the alternative? If they did CGI it'd look pretty bad because lol Toei and CGI and of course a real cat would be a bit problematic cause you know, real cat. (Also tbh a...
  7. Princess Viola

    Why The Sailor Moon Live Action Show Is AWFUL!!!

    ok but op you're wrong (but seriously though op are you familiar with tokusatsu at all, i find that a lot of people who dislike pgsm because of how it looks and stuff aren't familiar with the toku genre overall, they're kind of all fairly cheesy. and it's not like other versions of sailor moon...
  8. Princess Viola

    Favorite Sailor Moon Japanese opening

    kirari sailor dream is the GOAT sailor moon OP and ill fight all of you who disagree
  9. Princess Viola

    Which "Sailor Moon" character is the user above you?

    Neo Queen Serenity because I mean
  10. Princess Viola

    What stops you from liking or trying Sera Myu?

    Honestly I'm just lazy. I mean I do wanna get around to watching the musicals (especially the newest ones because their Uranus and Neptune *wipes sweat* WEW) but I just haven't had the time to.
  11. Princess Viola

    Sailor Moon gesture

    it's a gang sign 8)
  12. Princess Viola

    Which Sailor Moon releases would fans want to see in 2018?

    It's the longest of long shots, but an official English release of PGSM.
  13. Princess Viola

    In Defense of Chbiusa

    I'll be honest, I didn't mind Chibiusa in R and S and even wondered why people hated her, she didn't seem terrible. But yeah then came SuperS. I mean, I won't say I hated her after SuperS but I did consider her pretty annoying after that season.
  14. Princess Viola

    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    Went to Barnes and Noble and bought these two today. Was only gonna get the Super Sailor Moon, but I figured what the heck?