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  1. Rakiko

    Favorite Sailor Moon Villain

    Galaxia is the top character ever ....but I feel something special to "Badiyanu", unpopular character, but awesome look. classic => Beryl SM-R => Petz Ayakashi SM-S => Telulu SM-SS => Nehelenia SM Stars=> Galaxia sm movies => queen Badiyanu Sailor Moon manga=> Galaxia favorite of all...
  2. Rakiko

    Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

    Yeah I saw the news 2 days ago on Twitter and Mizushima-san posted the news on his page wishing the best to the new married. Many guys will regret to know Keiko is now a married woman!
  3. Rakiko

    Custom Sailor Moon Doll Thread

    I share photos of my collection (these customs made by Setsunakou) the 6 Witches 5 and Galaxia! I'm thinking of selling them.... (the witches 5 and maybe Galaxia) but I keep my HUGE masterpiece.... also by Setsunakou Beautiful Badiyanu 65cm doll ***** not for sale
  4. Rakiko

    Act 1: Usagi - Sailor Moon - Discussion Thread

    I was surprise when I watched the first act..because I always (usualy) dislike remakes. 98% of remakes are bad or so so...acceptable. Well... I liked it is well done, realy more close to the manga. I still love the old one , but this new series is better than I imagined. Secondary characters...
  5. Rakiko

    Sailor Moon crossover art!

    :cackle: OMG... I had a lot of fun to look the 3 pages! Awesome crossovers and some are so incredibly hilarious! Ha!Ah!AH! XD :D
  6. Rakiko

    Crossover J-league mascots & Sailor senshi

    I add an other one perfect match Yokohama Marinos... Marinos- kun and Sailor Moon!
  7. Rakiko

    New anime announced at 20th Anniversary event

    Humm... Galaxia of course will be awesome ! Are you talking of her or... an other one :innocent: So, I think the villains from movies are'nt very popular and will not be made :(
  8. Rakiko

    New anime announced at 20th Anniversary event

    I missed a lot of update here, so of course I knew about the s.h Figuarts, since I bought some Pretty cure S.H Figuarts 3 years ago I wished to see the Sailor Moon characters and I hope... villains can be made!!! ps: And yes... I've pre-ordered the Sailor Moon figure, I found a best deal in...
  9. Rakiko

    Which characters would you like to see fight...?

    Beryl vs Emerald Nehelenia vs Black Lady Mistress 9 vs Galaxia Badiyanu vs Wizeman Snow Kaguya vs Pharaon 90 :mrgreen:
  10. Rakiko

    NEW BROOCH *screams*

    Ohhh very nice! :mrgreen:
  11. Rakiko

    Crossover J-league mascots & Sailor senshi

    The 4th chibi Sailor Jupiter and... Verdy-kun (Tokyo Verdy)
  12. Rakiko

    Crossover J-league mascots & Sailor senshi

    the next will be Jupiter and... you will see. I did'nt start yet, but have an idea!
  13. Rakiko

    Crossover J-league mascots & Sailor senshi

    Thanks ... an other one! Jubilo (Iwata Jubilo ) & Chibi Mercury
  14. Rakiko

    Crossover J-league mascots & Sailor senshi

    the 2nd duo... chibi Sailor Venus & Pal (J- league mascot of the shimizu s-pulse) the colors match together!!
  15. Rakiko

    Crossover J-league mascots & Sailor senshi

    I 've a curious inspiration and I tried it... for fun The J-league (soccer/football) Japanese mascots and the sailors I start with Heredi (Urawa reds) and chibi Sailor Mars!