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  1. Sailorcancer

    Who can throw the firsbee better Sailor Moon or Xena?

    IDK about a firsbee, but Moon's pizza throwing is better.
  2. Sailorcancer

    Sailor Moon Slow Jam I greatly enjoy the soul brought into the song. The tambourine dude is pretty cool too.
  3. Sailorcancer

    So, how is the new dub?

    Nope. Sometime in July they'll announce the dub cast at some convention.
  4. Sailorcancer

    So, how is the new dub?

    Stuff on Hulu is the Japanese version with English subs.
  5. Sailorcancer

    The downfall of J-pop?

    I really liked the MV for Juicy. I also LOVE her driving mixes.
  6. Sailorcancer

    The downfall of J-pop?

    Very. Especially this one: That audience interaction.
  7. Sailorcancer

    Manga VS Anime: Have you ever switched sides?

    In the beginning of my SM fandom I was favored the anime. Then after a while started liking the manga.
  8. Sailorcancer

    The downfall of J-pop?

    I'm enjoying Koda Kumi's new album and BabyMetal. I find BabyMetal's album to be pretty cool, and I'm not even a fan of death metal.
  9. Sailorcancer

    Mamoru Proposes To Usagi

    Didn't he propose to her in a bed after she dropped that she's preggers? In the manga anyways? Or, did she say she was expecting at the wedding?
  10. Sailorcancer

    Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

    It's crazy how fast that went... ...and how old I feel now =/
  11. Sailorcancer

    MY VERSION of the Super Sailor Outfit

    Like, over a decade ago I also had this idea :) Pretty cool to see it come to form. I always liked the sleeves from the Super outfits. I guess I kind of saw it as a rank think? SM had 3 and the others had one.
  12. Sailorcancer

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    OMG! That would be so cool! They did have an episode on Power Rangers. In doing some research I found out that Ryuta Tazaki and Nobuhiro Suzumura are directing the show. Both of them did stuff with PGSM.
  13. Sailorcancer

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    What could it mean?
  14. Sailorcancer

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    Hikonin Sentai AKIBARANGER Season 2 Episode 6.
  15. Sailorcancer

    Favorite version of Minako

    Manga slightly over anime. Both are good.