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    Inner Senshi: Forever Alone

    I don't feel I have much to contribute to this thread; not a new perspective that might help shed light on that moment in CNSV, not a view that isn't in true line with someone else's, etc. But I'll give it a go anyway, since there's still some part of me that feels interested enough in...
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Well excuuuuuuuuse me for not reading previous posts just yet (and at a time when I wanted to fall asleep soon after). :P I'm not back. (Isn't that how people in movies reply? Then eventually they get more and more active again and then they're suddenly back.) And thanks for the link. Edit...
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    *wave* Been a while... Again. Just wondering if anyone knows who made the following picture: I found it from [this webpage].
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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    And a big wish for a Happy Birthday going out to Keiko Kitagawa today! Welcome to being 23. :)
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    Celebrating SM Cast Birthdays

    Not a bad idea, though I think the thread in the SM Fandom sub-forum would fit these posts since it doesn't exclude cast members... Though recently, cast members and characters they fill in have been getting their own threads, haven't they?
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    Moonlight Densetsu: DALI or Moon Lips?

    I chose to give Moon Lips some love since it seems a bit "grander" and more fitting for later on in the show. I also concur with some others that I do like both versions that were used in the anime. I doubt a lot of people would feel otherwise (no matter which is their favorite). However...
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    What would you do if...

    I guess I would confuse her for a cosplayer. It would be a bit awkward if I came up to her thinking that, and she tries to convince me otherwise (or leave)...
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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Once again, I'd like to wish the [Funky Twins] of the seiyuu (Rika and Emi) a Happy Birthday (though I think there's about 10-or-so minutes left until it's the 9th over in Japan, as I type this). Lovely voices and I'll bet lovely people too. :) A couple of things from YouTube: ["Cáfe in 6:00...
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    Happy Birthday Emi Shinohara & Rika Fukami

    I was content on putting it in the "Celebrating SM Birthdays" thread we have in the fandom section, but I'm just as content in letting them have their very own thread. I'll still post something there, but I wasn't ready to yet. :tongue: Happy Birthday Rika and Emi, you [Funky Twins], you. :)
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    New Japanese Mobile Site

    I would've expected a revival would've happened later. If it's happening now, then I'm split in two ways: I wouldn't mind new material coming out if it's being revived and people are seeing it again on their TV without popping in a DVD or something. The latter; I would've thought in this era...
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    sexiest villain girl

    Or she decided to play villainess somewhere else... [/Shameless Advertisement.] :) (Edit: Okay, to make this post somewhat in-topic... I can't choose because I'm not one to typically favor villains here, though BSSM tends to attract pretty much good-looking villains and villainesses here and...
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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Nice comeback, though I don't see anywhere on the title of this thread where it specifically mentions celebrating the birthdays of SM characters only. :tongue:
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    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    I quote this because, it never occured to me until I read Lady Aino's comment that was made on the 31st about Furuya Toru (Tohru?)'s birthday that made me realize that I forgot about birthdays of Seiyuus, and especially his. Yes, I don't celebrate every single birthday of every fictional SM...
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    Happy Birthday Mamoru

    My Happy Birthday wishes going out to [Amur--err... Mamoru]. Sorry about the confusion, there. (Okay, that got old fast, but I still wanted to do that! And maybe link to something.)
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    How come no one in Sailor Moon owns a mobile (cell) phone?

    How much did cell phones and services for them cost back then? I have a feeling the entire Tsukino family wasn't flipping cell phones like Star Trek communicators back then (at least for the reason of affordability). I won't add the additional sarcasm layer of photo-taking each other, unless...