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    Why was „Soldier“ changed to „Guardian“?

    Maybe "Pretty Champion Sailor Moon"? Or "Pretty Heroine Sailor Moon"?
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    Is the Silver Crystal the Philosophers' Stone?

    According to the 3rd eternal edition, the Beguiling Black Crystal has a connection to the Philosophers stone. - Wiseman is a translation of the word "kenja" in Japanese and "kenja no ishi" is Japanese for the Philosophers Stone. - Also, one of the latin names for the Philosophers Stone is the...
  3. SnowWolf

    Why was „Soldier“ changed to „Guardian“?

    The Japanese version of both anime have always called them "Sailor Senshi". The only exceptions are I know of PGSM's title and Crystal's first opening "Moon Pride". It's the recent dub, manga releases and official subtitles that have made the shift to guardian.
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    Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

    Outer Senshi?! Good grief.
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    Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

    Either is better than Usagi's childish "God is so mean!" in the original Kodansha translation. I'm pretty sure this was a roundabout way of saying Usagi has matured possibly echoing the sentiment that "girls are cute, women are beautiful/pretty", but that's just my take. This is the scene where...
  6. SnowWolf

    Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

    To be fair, Kodansha USA made the same mistake during their first attempt in 2011.
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    [US] Sailor Moon & Codename Sailor V manga kanzenban thread

    Nope, still the Nibley twins who did the other Eternal Editions. They admitted it on their Livejournal. Vwee! - Alethea & Athena — LiveJournal
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    Question from a first time viewer

    Crystal is basically meant to be the faithful adaptation of the manga though the first two arcs still change things including leaving a lot of the humor on the cutting room floor. The past relationships between the generals and guardians were not a thing in the manga. Good luck with the 90s...
  9. SnowWolf

    Which is the better manga series Codename Sailor V or Sailor Moon?

    If Sailor V's entire run had been like it's last two chapters then I might be saying different, but my answer is Sailor Moon. More characters and more diverse storytelling.
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    Your opinion on leaving certain terms untranslated

    Sorry, but for me, it's an English translation so put it in English! Sailor Scouts or Soldiers rolls off the tongue better than Sailor Guardians, but I'm used to that term now. Somebody in the past suggested Sailor Sentries which I thought was quite interesting. An old DIC promo referred to...
  11. SnowWolf

    [US] Sailor Moon & Codename Sailor V manga kanzenban thread

    A good translation, in my opinion, is one that can almost make you believe that the translated text was originally written in that language. Leaving in the Japanese honorifics interferes with that. You're right, it's not professional or mature. Especially the previous Livejournal implying we...
  12. SnowWolf

    Sailor Moon licensed in Spain by Selecta Vision

    And what do you think will happen when she finally allows the license to be bought again. Will she and Toei block any use of the Viz dub? Now that it's been pulled twice, I'm wondering if future licensors will end up thinking Sailor Moon just isn't worth the trouble as a result.
  13. SnowWolf

    [US] Sailor Moon & Codename Sailor V manga kanzenban thread

    It's definitely French...that's all I can really tell you. It's among the previews for the digital release. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon|美少女戦士セーラームーン|KODANSHA [講談社] It's a bit silly to be rude about our preferences and then struggle to justify your own arbitrary ones. We just want our...
  14. SnowWolf

    [US] Sailor Moon & Codename Sailor V manga kanzenban thread

    None of the international version from the previews of the digital release seem to keep the Japanese honorifics either. We seem to be the odd one out.
  15. SnowWolf

    Sailor Moon S DIC Fandub Episode 90: The Root Of Bad Luck by smsfandub

    Not bad. I think their Amy and Darien need a bit of work though.