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  1. Stari Guestie 39

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    I am in LOVE with this art style. As someone who loved Sakou’s style and had to warm up to Takahashi’s, I love this design the best out of all of them. Though I’m not a fan of the 90s anime art style until around SuperS, this is adorable to me somehow. Just look at Minako’s hair! It’s beautiful...
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    New Artwork 90s Anime

    It’s (very good!) fan art. The watermarks are the watermarks of the DeviantArt artist. I actually have this image in my phone’s photo library! I reverse-image searched it and found the DeviantArt link. The artist is aramismarron. (If you look closely, the watermarks say “Amaris Marron”.) Edit...
  3. Stari Guestie 39

    Questions about the Sailor Moon logos

    There would be no way that Toon Makers designed the old logo. They never had the licensing rights for Sailor Moon. Just wondering, where did you hear that? I’ve never heard it before.
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    Whos Your Favorite Sailor Moon Ship?

    Hmm, I can’t really choose one favorite. I mean, I have the obvious ones, like Usagi x Mamoru, Haruka x Michiru, and Luna x Artemis. I haven’t seen the 90s anime, but I would probably ship Kunzite x Zoisite and Umino x Naru for that adaptation if I were to watch it. For headcanon ships, I have...
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    What's Your Favorite Form of Setsuna?

    I love, love Setsuna being a science student (I actually forget if it was theoretical physics or astronomy) at KO in the Infinity arc of the manga. It gives her that characterization of intelligence like Mamoru and Ami. I haven't watched the 90s anime, but I feel like the idea of Setsuna simply...
  6. Stari Guestie 39

    Meanings and themes of surnames

    Here is Tuxedo Unmasked's interpretation of Hotaru's surname: What is a Tomoe and Its Connection to Saturn / Hotaru? He explains the name "Masato Sanjouin" here: What is the Story Behind Nephrite’s Alter Ego? The kanji for "na" in Minako is simply phonetic when used in names, so her name means...
  7. Stari Guestie 39

    What Characters Should Get a Spin-Off?

    I'd love a Sailor Cosmos spinoff! It could go into detail how she became Sailor Cosmos, what happened to Usagi's loved ones that made Sailor Cosmos have to fight alone, Sailor Cosmos's battles against Chaos, how Chaos became Sailor Chaos, how Sailor Cosmos could lose enough hope to tell Eternal...
  8. Stari Guestie 39

    Eternal Sailor Moon redesign

    Your design is cool! I like how it uses some of Naoko's original designs with the glove cuff color and the gold stripes on her outfit. However, the skirt colors look too much like Super Sailor Moon to me. I'm not a total fan of the original skirt colors for Eternal Sailor Moon, but the Super...
  9. Stari Guestie 39

    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    The eye style is different from Season 3 as I see it. While it's similar, it's not the same. • The top eye shine has changed. It has moved more to the center. Due to this, it can't cross over to the side of the pupil, so I think it covers less of the pupil. In addition, it may have become more...
  10. Stari Guestie 39

    I think I should be in charge of Crystal Tokyo....

    They haven't been campaigning, so it's easy to forget. :P
  11. Stari Guestie 39

    [US] Sailor Moon manga kanzenban thread

    Wow, I thought Kodansha USA wouldn't do this! I'm so excited for this! I even told my friend, who's a Sailor Moon fan :P I can't wait to read these!!
  12. Stari Guestie 39

    Season 4 - another style?

    Wow, I really like the shading in this new art style! It makes it seem much more vibrant.
  13. Stari Guestie 39

    Sailor Senshi Roll Call

    Sailor Tin Nyanko was a Sailor Animamate, which means she just used the Sailor Crystal of Sailor Mau.
  14. Stari Guestie 39

    Act.32 - Official Discussion Thread

    I loved the music and plot of this episode! I especially liked the music that was playing the background by the time Moon, Chibi-Moon, and Tuxedo Mask were on the condo roof and played in the background of Moon Spiral Heart Attack's music while Moon was performing that attack. Also, I thought...
  15. Stari Guestie 39

    Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

    Sailor Venus' face in that picture reminds me of her face in this picture, though I think there are differences: