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    Of Warmth And Ice - A Friendship Fic. Rated PG

    Hi! Thanks for your reply! I hope you've enjoyed what you've read! To answer your question, yes, while this is Alternate Universe Silver Millennium, the children are using their modern 20th Century names.
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    Fanfiction Ideas

    There is one still out there, where Xena trains the Scouts (has a bit of Hercules in it too), and Makoto becomes the new Wonder Woman/Amazon Princess.
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    Of Warmth And Ice - A Friendship Fic. Rated PG

    (A/N: Here is the final piece. I hope you all enjoy! Please Review! ~The Rising Phoenix~) Feeling a shiver run though Usagi's small body, Mokuko smiled. "I think we've had enough ice time for the morning. Come on." But Usagi realized Mokuko wasn't carrying her to class. "I...
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    Of Warmth And Ice - A Friendship Fic. Rated PG

    Summary: Kids can be mean; even cruel without realizing. Little Princess Serenity has a problem, and she's not sure what to do about it. AU Silver Millenium. A Two-Parter. Rated PG. Please review! Thanks to a friend of mine for letting me borrow a few characters! ~*~*~*~*~ (A/N: This is a...
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    Thanks for the liking my fic! :)

    Thanks for the liking my fic! :)
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    Epiphany - A Makoto One-Shot. Rated PG-13 / T, just to be safe.

    (A/N: Hi everyone...New fic poster here...This is a little one shot that I wrote out today. I hope you enjoy it. While I have a fan fiction account, as well as an AO3 account, I hope to post some of my stories here (and they will be tailored to be PG-13 to follow the guidelines, if they aren't...
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    Where can I watch the edited dub of S and SuperS?

    Similar question, perhaps with the same answer... But would anyone know where I might be able to watch the DIC/Cloverway tv episodes of Sailor MoonS and SuperS (rather than the movie)? I do remember watching it in the States on Toonami... Thanks!!