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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    I think what the previous poster meant, was that they wished that her supervision started 6 years ago instead of now
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    5 Sailor Moon Rumors That Just Refuse To Die

    In regards to rumor #2, I remember reading that the rings were promise rings and not engagement rings. It makes sense since the Outer senshi were always depicted as very devoted to their duties. I will add the source if I find it again.
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    What are your guys thoughts on the two new Sailor Moon Crystal movies coming on 2019?

    Well, some of the board members had some great ideas in one of the movie threads on how to adapt the manga in two movies. Although, our board members have better ideas than Toei in most cases. I think the movies will be split for international distribution just like the Digimon Tri movies were...
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    Are these based on the yet to be seen Tadano designs

    I think we have to make peace with the fact that inconsistency is part of Sailor Moon's legacy as a franchise. Or they'll be changing the logo again
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    Are these based on the yet to be seen Tadano designs

    How can a non-Japanese user access this game?
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    SuperS logo help?

    Hahahahah after seeing Supergirl in a similar uniform, in last year's crossover it's not so hard anymore. But I really have no source to back up this claim so the verdict is still out on that one.
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    SuperS logo help?

    Okay! So why did they change it? The only place where someone can find the SS logo is the old rips of the opening. Ws it to avoid any correlation with the Schutzstaffel? I think I read that somewhere. Or was it just a stylistic choice? Because in every re-release while every opening has been...
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    SuperS logo help?

    Hey is there a discussion anywhere in the forum on the logo change? I have a theory about it but I don't know if it is correct. But i don't want to spam the wrong discussion.
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    Toon Makers (Saban Moon) Sailor Moon pilot?

    I was really taken by surprise how the writer of the article managed to find so much information. Let's hope that these leads help uncover the whole story of Saban Moon. No matter how campy or downright ugly it might have been, it is still part of the Sailor Moon history. I consider it to be the...
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    [JP] 90s anime Blu-ray sets announced

    Aren't the Australian Blu-Rays made out of these masters? I'm seriously considering buying them. I know better than to buy the Viz sets, plus the madman sets are the same region as Europe!
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    What I hope for the movie

    I feel like there's only like 10 people (including myself) that we are actually intrigued by the idea of the movies. I feel like it could have a very nice outcome. It might be even better than a new season. Just to shake things up a bit. We've already seen a handfull of Sailor Moon adapted as a...
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    Srt Subtitles

    Hey there fellow Moonies! I don't know if this is the right place to post this, so forgive in advance if this topic has to be moved! So, I have all the episodes from SM Crystal, but they are raw versions. I want to add subtitles to watch them (it is unlicensed here in Greece atm). Do you know...