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    Kitagawa Keiko's "KEIKO'S BLOG"

    What's the best way to watch Mop Girl, preferably with subs? I saw bits and pieces of the opening and that was about it. Is this new one any good?
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    What scenes in the BSSM series made you cringe?

    ep 147, when the card-remless has pinned the Moons to the wall after near-slicing them to bits with his razor cards--he holds up the Joker and goes "Joker...Shower." and flips out an entire deck of deadly solitaire doom... Every single time I watch that, I think OW or OH SH*T
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    Thanks, Kero. And thanks for merging. :) yayyyyyyyy, Myu. I've been able to find some songs from Kakyuu subbed on huzzah for the 'tube. I asked because I checked Ken Yuen's page, but it only had up until the 10th anniversary special...I want to get the subtitled DVD as well...
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    Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin Anyone have any idea where I can get this Myu subtitled? Or Starlights Ryusei Densetsu or the last two Kaguya musicals, for that matter?
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    Crazy Role Playing

    One of my favorite hobbies is to scream out the transformation phrase that pops into my head at any given moment. In the japanese accent. Very loud and very random. At work, school, home, out, wherev. :D You people are losers. CDs are for children. The REAL fun is when you play frisbee...
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    Manga remake

    Did Naoko redo any of the attacks from Infinity? Specifically the Aqua Mirage? I'm trying to get ideas for some sprite edits, projectiles in particular. If anyone can post some pictures of redone henshins or attacks (in particular, the group attack against Pharaoh 90 when Venus rallies the...
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    Episode 34

    Does anyone know what music is playing during the assault at Starlight Tower? I'm talking specifically about the piece that starts playing when Kunzite starts the blackout. Thanks!
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    sailormoon movie? truth or rumor....

    I picture "valley girl" as closer to Reese Witherspoon's character in Legally Blonde...the bimbo barbie doll. If Usagi were to do the complete airhead Ohhhh, like, my God, those shoes are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! and twirl her ponytails and snap her gum, I think I'd snap. She's not a...
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    sailormoon movie? truth or rumor....

    I'm a masochist. I'm deeply intruiged by the idea. I'm remaining skeptical, but I think it could be cool if it were aimed at an older audience. As long as Usagi/Bunny/Serena didn't turn into a valley girl...I'd expect some kind of a Buffy-esque figure. Probably not as goofy and not as...
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    sailormoon movie? truth or rumor....

    dude. that picture is effing hot, though. I'd go see it., what unreleased material? Like how she wanted all the girls to die at the end of the Dark Kingdom arc, possibly with major injuries like dismemberment? Mercury being a cyborg? Diana as a fairy? the speculation intrigues...
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    Sailor Cosmos

    Probably one of the reasons past and future selves aren't allowed to meet/interact, lol.
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    Sailor Cosmos

    Makes me wonder another "issue" that is related to this idea here...In the final scene in the cauldron, Guardian Cosmos tells Usagi that Queen Serenity came to the cauldron, "Carrying a small star's shell. That star had a shine similar to yours, Sailor Moon." So was Serenity destined even...
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    PGSM Picture Help

    Thanks a lot, Rocks! :)
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    PGSM Picture Help

    Does anyone have the "banner" that Toei had on their PGSM web page that "advertises" the Special Act? I'm talking about the one that has the scene of Usagi running toward the rest of the girls on the bridge in act 49, and the caption reads "See You Again." If anyone can help out, that'd be...