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  1. Umino

    Super Sailor Moon should have been the last form? (Opinion Post)

    I love Super Sailor Moon but I think there should have been a form beyond it. I think I'd like Eternal if it wasn't so... extravagant. It's just too much. The wings, the sleeves, the white boots, etc.
  2. Umino

    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023

    I think Tadano did a great job streamlining Takeuchi's designs but I don't think they really captured her style that well IMO. I look at other shoujo series of that time like Miracle Girls, and Marmalade Boy,both which did a really good job capturing the style of their source material. To me...
  3. Umino

    Sailor Moon to be released in Germany & France

    I could go on a private Facebook group and say Kazuko Tadano was fired from Toei but that wouldn’t mean it’s true, now does it? Also… why would Toei care about the whole RoV thing?? (Which I’d barely call a controversy)
  4. Umino

    Sailor Moon to be released in Germany & France

    I think this is more likely. Toei has gone through various artists with Sailor Moon. Not using them any more isn't quite as strong as them being "fired." If they had bad blood with Marco, I doubt they would allow his work to be used anymore.
  5. Umino

    Sailor Moon to be released in Germany & France

    Is there a reliable source for this? His artwork is still being used on various products, although certain things have been touched up. That's definitely his artwork used on the back and front of the first season set.
  6. Umino

    Sailor Moon to be released in Germany & France

    I actually really love the packaging! Leagues better than what Viz has given us…
  7. Umino

    Do we know who voiced Mistress 9 and the Sovereign of Silence?

    Kate Trotter did the voice of Queen Nehelenia, not Lisa Dalbello. This has been confirmed.
  8. Umino

    The 3 o'clock fairy song in the SuperS movie

    The Italy version dubbed over the Japanese singing. If you listen close enough you can still hear the Japanese singers. I don’t think Toei ever provided an instrumental version of the song to any oversea companies.
  9. Umino

    Sailor moon season 5 dub is now on hulu

    Oh no, this was the original 90's dub.
  10. Umino

    Sailor moon season 5 dub is now on hulu

    I knew a few people who only did it because they hated subtitles and the Viz dub was the only thing readily available. A friend of mine was so annoyed he couldn't watch the last season in English, he found illegal copies of the Spanish dub. He was very confused when Usagi was suddenly being...
  11. Umino

    Sailor Moon - DiC HD Reconstruction

    LOL Yeah, if memory serves the Buena Vista tapes had decent captions.
  12. Umino

    Sailor Moon - DiC HD Reconstruction

    I think it'd be really great if they had subtitles/captions since the YTV airings and Buena Vista tapes had them. :) EDIT: I found some here if anyone is interested: Sailor Moon English Dub Closed Caption Data : DiC Entertainment, Cloverway Inc, Toei Animation, Naoko Takeuchi : Free Download...
  13. Umino

    Sailor Moon - DiC HD Reconstruction

    Is there anyway to upload these to a Google Drive account or something?
  14. Umino

    Toon Makers (Saban Moon) Sailor Moon pilot?

    Not only did this person go out of their way to track down this pilot but they were also subjected to a very uncomfortable interaction with one animator, only to get flack for slapping a small watermark on their video.