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    New Artwork 90s Anime

    It looks like a combination of her Super and Eternal forms. The yellow brooches don't mix, IMO.
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    The Canadian dub's 25th anniversary thread

    Here they are: Internet Archive Search: creator:"Toonami, Cartoon Network, Cloverway Inc." You’re welcome.
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    Sailor Uniform Design

    Are we talking about their school uniforms, their senshi uniforms, or both?
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    What if DiC/Cloverway had dubbed Stars back in the day?

    I believe that the logical choice for Chibi Chibi's name change would be "Mini Mini", since Sailor Chibi Moon became "Sailor Mini Moon".
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    Terrible season.

    The Crystal equivalent movie hasn't been released yet. Apparently, the manga version is better.
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    Was Sailor Moon Stars ever English dubbed?

    I remember watching an interview with Linda Ballantyne on Youtube. She said herself that it was because of the issue with the Starlights. Don't know if I'll still be able to find the video though.
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    Share Your Frustrations About "Sailor Moon"...

    I didn't mean to fire the newer voice cast. I just meant as a separate dub project.
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    Share Your Frustrations About "Sailor Moon"...

    One thing that sucks is that we never got an ending to the old English dub. I know Viz is redubbing it in English, but they're using the original Japanese names and it won't feel the same. It would be cool if all the voice actors from the Cloverway dub (Linda Ballantyne, etc.) come back to...
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    Linda BALLANTYNE - Series Question

    Any chance you can upload them here or on Youtube? I really want to see it some parts of it, along with the YTV commercials, to get this off my mind.
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    Linda BALLANTYNE - Series Question

    I understand what you're saying. I just wanted the OP to ask Linda if she ever recalls voicing Sailor Moon in the movies. I seriously remember watching at least one of them on YTV with her voice
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    Linda BALLANTYNE - Series Question

    Where is this happening? Do you mind asking her if she recalls ever voicing Sailor Moon for any of the 3 movies? I remember an alternate dub with her voice watching them on TV in Canada.
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    Sailor Moon English opening question

    Wow, this makes sense because none of the SS English dubbed openings that I've seen on Youtube match what I remember seeing on YTV all those years ago. Do you know where I can find a video of the SS opening that aired on YTV online?
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    Do people actually like this change?

    Do you guys here actually like how the soldiers' attacks happen instantly instead of the "attack sequences" with all the dancing/twirling of the old anime? I find that the old attack sequences added suspense and made it more fun to watch. But I remember some members here actually posted before...
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    Which Senshi outfit do you prefer?

    Don't know if anyone would agree with me on this. Did anyone find Super Sailor Moon's outfit from SuperS make her look like some clown? I know SSM had a similar outfit in the S season, but it still had the superhero look. The one in SuperS makes her look "clownish". Maybe that's what they were...