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  • Bummed at Zazzle for not accepting my art piece to appear on a button. Next month, gonna try Red Bubble.
    I have that, I’m bummed out that they didn’t accept my design. But my Red Bubble shop did.
    try again and write to the shop, i would ask why they don't accept your design ... Be glad that RedBubble accepts your design :) That's great :) Also try Etsy.com . What exactly are you selling, if you don't mind me asking?
    I got 8 designs so far. I got two of my OC pieces that are shop exclusive. Mainly, they are drawings from the Sketchbook app. Check my signature for the link.
    So, posted stuff in my OC thread of how Ying looked like in her first sailor fuku in 1999. Then ranted about Naoko in my SM thread. Wishlisted Sailor Moon NT manga on Indigo. Also plan to get Sailor Moon S in July. I don't have that season.
    Vented on my Tumblr that I have my doubts of being a gamer. I just feel out of it. Waiting for my social worker to call me. Latest comic drawing got the fanbase hating on me once again.
    Dramu is drama. I posted my two cents of two threads with some heated debate over representation in my Confessions thread. Also, new comics in OverWatch thread too.
    Ok, so bought the new Adam Lambert album off iTunes. It's just him singing covers of other songs. Still my fave album of him is Trespassing. And I may get Amiibo cards in April.
    New Sailor Uranus x Sailor Neptune art in my Anti thread. They're not my favorite, but I liked the doodle in my latest sketchbook.
    So, I'm waiting for three things. The game from PlayAsia and two things on eBay. One of it is coming next week.
    Still have a cold, hence I've been relaxing all week.

    Saving money for a new tablet. Currently at 345$CAD. Also picked up Dead Cells DLC based on Castlevania. It'll be out March 6th.

    Keeping Prime Membership cause of all the features/apps I can use on my devices.
    I need to stop buying games. Debating to sell my Amiibo because I has cards from Monster Hunter, Zelda, and Fire Emblem. Last game I'm buying is Story of Seasons.
    It's another game series that can't ship to Quebec. Couldn't do the Sweepstakes Nintendo offers, because they exclude Quebec users. It sucks.
    Camcorder came from Amazon. Bought something online via Staples. Waiting for a lot of things on the 14th.
    Need a new lock. The one I bought couldn't latch together.
    So my blanket did not arrived. Might get a refund. So I'm waiting for another blanket from AliExpress. Also want to game on my Switch. I bought a water bottle and Sylveon plush off their site.

    And I just found a decent video camera off Amazon. Hoping it comes tomorrow.
    Nintendo Direct today. Got two things coming today. My Plushie Dreadful Asexuality Rabbit plush just got shipped. Will get it on the 20th. Also logging in AliExpress to get more coins daily. I'm hoping my Amiibo cards and my Persona 5 blanket arrives today.
    Bought two danmei novels off Indigo. One will come on Monday. I picked up Heaven Official's Blessings and The Husky & His White Cat Shizun. Also picked up a DC Icons book based on Harley Quinn. And bought another bookmark. I'm waiting for next cheque to buy books off Indigo. I'm trying not to buy games for this month.
    I can see why my American buddies want Ruffles All Dressed chips. They have the sweet crunch and it's not to vinegary.

    Current book I want to read is Before The Coffee Gets Cold. Also want to play Fire Emblem Engage.

    Though the opening of that game screams Power Rangers knockoff theme.
    I stupidly clicked the free trial for Amazon Prime. And I just found out the earbuds I just purchased arrived yesterday after I bought burgers for myself.
    Plus, these earbuds don’t fall out. I’m impressed.

    Next month, probably going to buy two games off Amazon before my Prime expires. I do love GameStop, but sometimes, they run out of niche games that I love.

    Now where is my Persona 5 blanket?
    So, I bought another Sanrio card holder from the same eBay seller. This one is based on the MyMelody x Sailor Moon crossover. It came up to 11$CAD. Will come in a month's time.
    I had to get new bookmarks from Indigo since I lost my metallic Deku one. And I find out I can order food online. Yeah, it was freezing rain and bought some KFC to hit the spot. Also picked up a card game. Now one thing is left in the mail that I'm waiting for.
    So two items I bought in December came this week. Check them on my Mastodon account. The eBay seller also gave me some stickers too.
    Now I'm just waiting for my Persona 5 blanket. Can't make a complaint till Feb. 11th.
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