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  • So played Echoes. Felt guilty of having Faye die three times, hence restarting the 3DS, despite playing Casual mode.
    No TCG. But I did pick up a copy of Pokémon Y and it works on my New 3DS XL. Still need to try out Waku Waku Sweets.
    I finally bite the bullet and bought 4 Max Elixirs for my Physic Deck. Also paid my fiance for the Fire Emblem comics and Radiant Historia. I'm gonna to try out the deck on Saturday.
    So Forbidden Light? Got Yveltal GX, Ultra Necrozma GX, and Nagandel GX. Also got Inkay and Malamar for my psychic deck. Looking to go to a card shop to buy full art Mars and Lysandre’s Trap Card.
    So normally I buy doujinshi off eBay and conventions. But thanks to Mandrake, I can get my fix of doujinshi, yaoi or hentai, for way less than I expected. My fiancé likes that site for his Rider fix.
    Love my fiancé. He’s getting me Fire Emblem Fates comics off a site since they’re 300¥ to 400¥. Which is cheaper than average manga here. Sucks that Fates was handled so poorly so we don’t have these comics. Most western Fire Emblem stuff is based on Awakening. So I bought the artbook in Indigo.
    I wanted to get the game Waku Waku Sweets. But wait till it goes on sale since getting it for 33$CDN is not worth it.
    Finally got the Season Pass for Echoes. After taxes, it was 74$CDN. I also picked out a 3DS theme. Won't get the rest of Megaman X, due to the whole series coming to the Switch on my birthday.

    I got a lot of games in my backlog.
    So I found a place up here that sells Kamen Rider stuff. Now my fiancé wants to go there.
    After a few days and buying a new Micro SD card, I now upgraded my New 3DS. Now I can buy my Echoes Season Pass with eshop cards. After playing a bit of Warriors, I think I may pair Robin with Frederick in my restart of Awakening.
    I finished reading another Vampire Hunter D novel I got at Ollie's. Now Vol 16 is left to read. I got a backlog of games to play. Awaiting till I get my Cosmog and Squishable plush after Easter.
    I'm debating to buy Pokemon Y. I still had not defeated Team Rocket in Ultra Sun and I got the Virtual Console version of Pokemon Silver since I only got hooked to Pokemon via the DS games.
    I'm also cat sitting for a friend this weekend.
    And my aunt's father passed away so I'll be celebrating Easter in a funeral home. Lovely.
    And Best Buy doesn't have Puyo Puyo Tetris for the Switch due to the idiotic language laws. Thanks Pauline. -_-
    Debating to watch the newest episode of LupinRanger, reading, or do some gaming.

    After Easter at my sister's, I may look into getting a Switch with the extra money I'll be getting next month. Games on my list are Puyo Puyo Tetris, Bayonetta 2, and Splatoon 2.
    So derped a little while playing Fire Emblem Warriors. I had to get the update for said game on the 3DS in order to access buying DLC. I even got the Japenese voices too.
    Super Smash Bros for the Switch cause they'll add Inklings to their roster. I feel jipped.
    Watching the Nintendo Direct on YouTube. Hoping that in April, I might get myself a Nintendo Switch.
    Can we at least get Puyo Puyo Chronicles in the US?
    Found out cousin is getting married next year. I still need to go to the consulate with Mikey in hopes to do actual work.
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