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  • Got Climax Scramble today. It's why I didn't purchase Smash already. Plus I got Ultra Moon to play and trying to finish FFIV on the DS. Two more things left in the mail that I'm still waiting for. Ita Bag and another Fire Emblem Fates charm.
    Mike's package came. There are three more things I'm still waiting in the mail. Might get my new Ita Bag tomorrow or Friday. It also shipped out of customs.
    So checking up my tracking. No word on the charm, but my Kamen Rider Climax Scramble game left the factory and my Ita Bag too are heading to Canada. I might get them on Friday or next week.
    Just got a confirmation from Play Asia. Since I took economy delivery, it'll take 30 days. Also awaiting for a package from my fiancé. No word on the Ryoma charm and Ita Bag. Hoping they'll ship next Tuesday.
    So bought an Ita Bag cause there was one on sale for 15$USD.
    After shipping and exchange rate, it cost me 39$CDN. I hope this bag can survive longer than my first Ita Bag.
    Didn't wait. Bought Climax Scramble off Play Asia. Said they'll deliver it in a week. So I'm gonna have fun with my Nintendo Switch and the games I have so far for it. Hoping to get it on Friday. Will get the Switch On Tuesday.
    So uncle bought me a Nintendo Switch for 200$, hence I have to pay him.
    So first game buys are Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn and Bayonetta 2. I'm waiting for my rent to be paid before I buy Kamen Rider Climax Scramble off Play Asia site.
    Have a Happy Holidays. I’m currently cat sitting. I may get a Switch cheaper than expected, thanks to my uncle.
    So pre-ordered a charm off Etsy. It's one of the characters that can get tied up with earphones. So I picked Ryoma. Cost 31$.
    Picked up an infographics book on the Assassin’s Creed universal timeline. Debating to get another Kobo gift card to pick up both Perfect Blue novels.
    Halloween come and gone. Might play Pokemon TCG or start by doing a heavy load for my laundry. If I can behave, I may save up to 700$CDN for Black Friday.
    So will make bubble tea. Also found some tempura instant udon noodle soup. Yeah, near the place I work has an Asian grocery store. They also had snacks, tea brushes for making matcha tea, and mochi filled with red bean paste. The bubble tea is lychee flavour. I hope no one has problems with that.
    Just found out my laptop can't be fixed due to the motherboard crashed. Hence searching for a laptop on Black Friday.
    I may have to try getting a Switch in April 2019.
    So I may not get my Fire Emblem Fates New 3DS XL case this week due to the postal workers going on strike.
    CAQ leaders will provide a provincial wide ban of marijuana due to one Montreal district banning it.
    This might be the time I get that uHaul truck to move with my fiance next year. So I got myself busy with Kobo eBooks.
    So played Bloodstained: Curse of The Moon for my 3DS. Didn't realize my alchemist gets an insanely powerful sub weapon to beat that electric peacock boss.
    Now I'm on chapter 9, the last hurrah. Want to get a Switch so I can get my hands on Bayonetta and Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night.
    And who says there isn't leading ladies in video games?
    Cancel the switch from my fiance. He has car repairs and needs to pay bills.
    So might buy a Switch for myself and buy Bayonetta 2 for it on Black Friday 2018.
    Which means, I need a guidebook for it.
    I got my Reshiram GX from cards stores at Plaza St. Hubert. And a New Nintendo 3DS XL cover off eBay.
    Awaiting for my rent to be paid as I fix my laptop. Then off to send money to buy a Switch for my fiance.
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