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  • Next week, I will be getting my hands on Asterix comics to read. I hadn't read them since I was a tween.
    Also might get a new tablet in February. One that'll be only for my drawings and Kobo eBooks.
    Also been playing Twisted Wonderland.
    So bought three games in the eShop sale, my item from eBay left China yesterday, no word of my anime BluRays to be shipped, and my glasses are still being made.
    Also picked up a Blutooth headset off Amazon and waiting for my gifts from my US friends. I picked up a Shaymin plush today.
    I just had a rough night with my anniversary of my mom's death due to cancer. So I picked up another game off VGP and bought Blutooth Headphones off Amazon.
    HDMI cable came today and my Blu Ray player works. Just need to wait for 2 games, 2 glasses, and a sh*ton of Anime BluRays I got off Sentai Filmworks.
    So my resolution is to eat healthy by buying Yves Veggie Cuisine. I made 4 wraps with one package. I also got unsweetened Almond Milk and flatbread pizza.
    My Blu Ray player came today. Now awaiting for the HDMI cable.
    Other things I'm waiting in the mail next week? Two Switch games, anime Blu Rays I bought, two pairs of glasses, and Sailor Moon game case.
    Also picked up Saints Row IV for 4$CAD yesterday.
    Had bought my first game from VideoGamePlus, Nexomon Extinction. It came up to 34$CAD.
    I decided not to buy the Cutie Honey Blu Ray set because I found out, customs will be reviewing each purchase from SentaiFilmworks and I just don't want to be seen as a predator. But with all the other Blu rays I want, it's 78$USD. Not bad.
    So I plan to get a BluRay player soon when I get funds. I found out Sentai Filmworks is having a sale.
    Picked up every anime BluRay I wanted and it came up to 98$USD. Now, that I know my expensives, I just gotta wait for funds to appear.
    And I also found out Funimation also takes PayPal too. Help me.
    So Xmas is cancelled from where I am. Staying home to play some video games and do laundry. We got 9000 cases in one day. Oh, I'm getting my third dosage on Jan. 29th.
    So no Xmas bonus tomorrow due to the Omicron variant spreading like crazy up here. Hence gatherings are cancelled.
    Might have to look into getting pants and a new blender next month. Also giving money to my fiance to buy me stuff off Amazon.
    Which is a Dragon deck and Alice in Wonderland tarot deck.
    Gonna buy a Sailor Moon Switch game case off eBay since the Amazon seller for HoloLiveGen5 case has bad reviews.
    Test came back negative. Going back to work on Wednesday. Got results last night.
    Did a doodle of Eternal Sailor Moon on ColorsLive. Dunno why my nose is still runny.
    Had a smoothie, gotta get tested for Covid-19 tomorrow, and my body wants to sleep. Apparently all my Squishmallows I have are foxes. They are all on my desk, along with my Miku Squishable. Still waiting for my Kuromi Switch case from China.
    Well, I canceled my order on Brilliant Diamond due to the fact that most of the special features they added to the game are not on the cart itself.

    So I ended up buying Astria Ascending instead.

    Also there is a Twitch app for the Switch. Been listening to Ironmouse last night cause my brain was don't wanna play games tonight.

    And if you saw my Twitter, Dan Salvato is an a-hole. Just got to the first restart after
    Princess Sugar Lily
    Princess Sugar Lily
    Dan Salvato? The creator of Doki Doki Literature Club! What did he do(unless you're referring not to what he did in the real world but the Plus! game that basically makes fun of Monika, in which case, ermm, yeah, a-hole, but an in-character one)?!?!?!?!
    More like creepy aspect that was not expected in my first playthrough of Doki Doki Literature Club. Managed to finish the game in 5 hours.
    5 things await in the mail. Snack bags from China, a Zangoose plush to match my kigurumi, Witcher Dice Set, a copy of Cupid Parasite, and a copy of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. I was introduced to Pokemon via Diamond on the DS, but I gave up on it cause I couldn't defeat Cynthia. I also picked up another cookbook, Ramsay in 10. I like quick meals and I have a busy schedule.

    Also currently playing Monster Hunter Rise.
    My reusable Boba straw from BobaTribe just came. Just added it to the rest of my keychain collection.
    Now I'm waiting for a Mirco SD card I bought off from BestBuy.
    So uh, thanks for this. I've never seen a reusable straw like that before and now I want one. I hate how hard the normal reusables are. Did you end up liking it?
    Yeah, Foenyanko. I got it off BobaTribe site. It rolls and attaches together at a line seem. Then you clean it by rinsing it in a sink.

    I had not tried it on bubble tea yet because I hadn't gone anywhere that sells bubble tea. But it's very durable.
    So I got more reusable snack bags today and a Taco plush at EBGames/GameStop.

    Not regretting my decision.
    So I googled Fire Emblem Fates Face Masks. It took me to Red Bubble. They take PayPal and have a discount sale
    So 61$CAD later, I am a proud owner of 4 face masks. Two based on Hoshido from Birthright, Nohr from Conquest, and Daddy Daycare Xander/Marx.

    Wednesday, plan to buy Black Lives Matter earrings.
    So no box cutter and got my new glasses. Might be talking to my social worker in three weeks due to my crippling depression. I might need my meds changed. I was so nervous at the party, but it went well. Even got a 5$CAD coupon for Jean Coutu.
    Getting my glasses next week. Debating to get a box cutter. Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday. Been enjoying Switch games I got for my birthday. Dunno if my dad will get me something.
    A forum member is troubled by your mentioning "self harm," so perhaps you should be more discreet in your comments. ; )
    Sorry. Been feeling more depressed lately. I did not get the cutter in the end. Feeling bad about myself about friends praising V-Tubers. I'm gonna talk to my social worker this week.
    Played Cris Tales on the Switch. It's a very pretty style JRPG. Had beaten the first boss in two tries since I died in the first one. Thanks to button mash during an enemy's strike from Bayonetta series, I know how to parry and deflect attacks.

    And waiting for 2 more games in the mail. Poison Control from Amazon and Dragon Star Varnir from Limited Run Games.
    Still annoyed of wasting 26$CAD on a Sailor Moon Water Bottle breaking at my place. Looking for replacements on eBay and Amazon.
    Least my sister got me a cat one and I bought mini ones at Walmart.
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