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  1. Zyvik

    I definitely much more prefer 90s Usagi!

    90's Usagi is way more entertaining to watch and she actually cares about her friends while Crystal Usagi is all about Mamo-chan.
  2. Zyvik

    What should/could be cut from the Eternal film?

    They should just cut the inners down to cameo appearances or even remove them completely. Their story arcs would only distract us from the plot and its true star - Sailor Moon! After all, she is the protagonist and only protagonists should be allowed to have any character development and plot...
  3. Zyvik

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Delayed to 2021 (Part 1 on January 8th & Part 2 on February 11th)

    Sailor Moon Eternal? Lol, they really want to distance themselves from the Crystal stink, don't they? Can't say I blame them. I'm more than happy to pretend that the movies are set in their own continuity. The design look fine to me if a bit bland. I don't want to complain too much. I'm just...
  4. Zyvik

    LGBTQ+ Character Appreciation Thread

    They're having a secret affair just like their mythological counterparts!
  5. Zyvik

    LGBTQ+ Character Appreciation Thread

    Not confirmed but looks pretty gay to me:
  6. Zyvik

    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    Ugh, Galaxia sounds like a schoolgirl. Not that I particularly care about the English dub, but still...The greatest Sailor Moon villain deserves better than this!
  7. Zyvik

    Rebuttal on Nostalgia Critic's Shitty Review of the Show

    I'll.never understand how Nostalgia Critic got popular. His reviews are like 99% terrible, but this Sailor Moon review is a special kind of terrible. It's just gross, stupid and incompetently researched (if researched at all).
  8. Zyvik

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    The person who cut this adorable scene should be Akuryou Taisan-ed Sigh. I wish the first arc of Crystal was at least 24 episodes long and actually explored each of the girls' character in detail. I liked what this episode was going for with Minako, but it just felt so rushed.
  9. Zyvik

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    Mars and Jupiter attack Zoicite with fire and lightning while he's still holding Usagi...Cracks me up every time. And apparently Usagi has some super mega vision if she managed to see the crescent moon on V's forehead while she was standing on the top of a skyscraper.
  10. Zyvik

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    And by omitting it they also made it seem like Usagi collapsed in front of Tuxedo Mask for no reason. A very, very bad episode. Terrible pacing, poor animation, and nonsensical changes from the manga. Usagi comes off like a really bad friend in this episode and this is unfortunately somewhat of...
  11. Zyvik

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    They cut the scene with Rei's grandpa. 0/10, worst episode ever!!! Seriously though, this is one of best episodes of Crystal. The animation is good, the action is good, and wow, everyone has a personality!
  12. Zyvik

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    This one is a mixed bag. The second half is mostly good, but the recap at the beginning is totally unnecessary and could've been spent on something actually useful. The added scene between Ami and Rei at the arcade is cute, but Rei's characterization throughout the episode (and pretty much the...
  13. Zyvik

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    This episode was such a disappointment to me as a Sailor Mars fan. Pros: - Some frames at the shrine are beautifully drawn. The animation still looks very akward (especially in the fight with Jadeite) but at least Rei doesn't look like a literal martian anymore. - I like the added scene of...
  14. Zyvik

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    This is one of the few episodes of Crystal that actually improves upon the manga. Ami's bond with Usagi is better developed and she actually gets to participate in the fight, while in the manga she just emerges from the fog in a sailor outfit at the end. But I still prefer how in the 90's...
  15. Zyvik

    Will there be shorts in front of the Dream movies?

    If they ever make a Dark Kingdom movie I'd much rather they do something original instead of just adapting the manga again. The CGI Saint Seiya movie was a hot mess but I appreciate it for at least trying to do a different take on the old story.