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  1. SailorChibiChan

    What Sailor Squad is Your Favorite?

    My favorite has to be the original 5 Senshi. They're all unique, funny and adorable! :D (although I also like the Outers for their maturity and mysteriousness)
  2. SailorChibiChan

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday, Ami! :ami:
  3. SailorChibiChan

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    FINALLY! The designs look surprisingly alright! Usa and Chibs look a little too 'kawaii', but I still like them! :)
  4. SailorChibiChan

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday, Usa and Chibs!
  5. SailorChibiChan

    Sailor Moon Musical Summer 2020 - Princess Kaguya's Lover (Pushed back from 2019)

    It sounds interesting! I hope the tie-in will happen, but if it doesn't, it'll still be exciting to watch.
  6. SailorChibiChan

    Your first reaction to the Outers.

    I thought they were mysterious and a little mean (in HaruMichi's case), but I soon grew to really like them by the time I read the Dream arc. :)
  7. SailorChibiChan

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday, Rei! :rei:
  8. SailorChibiChan

    Sailor Guardians: how do you rank them

    From best to worst :ami: :usagi: :mako: :chibiusa: :minako: :mihiru: :setsuna: :hotaru: :rei: :haruka: The Starlights would be last while Mamoru would be inbetween Saturn and Mars.
  9. SailorChibiChan

    Sailor Moon @ Universal Studios 2019 - Moon Palace Arc

    They looks amazing! ::love:: (Especially the Outers)
  10. SailorChibiChan

    The Early Days of Sailor Moon

    All this early info is so fascinating!
  11. SailorChibiChan

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday, Hakura! :haruka:
  12. SailorChibiChan

    "Moonlight Densetsu" in various languages

    I love the Malay and Tagalog versions! :mrgreen: The song for SuperS in Italian is also really good.
  13. SailorChibiChan

    New Artwork 90s Anime

    This isn't 90s anime art, but I found this (new?) manga illustration: I've never seen it before and it's definitely looks like it's from Naoko herself. Does anyone know where it's originally from?
  14. SailorChibiChan

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy birthday, Hotaru!
  15. SailorChibiChan

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy b-day, Mako! :mako:
  16. SailorChibiChan

    Your Favorite Sailor Jupiter Attacks

    I voted for Flower Hurricane and Oak Evolution. :mako:
  17. SailorChibiChan

    Whos Your Favorite Sailor Moon Ship?

    I like Mako/Ami, Chibiusa/Helios, Chibiusa/Hotaru, Haruka/Michiru, (aka HaruMichi), Luna/Artemis and the classic Usagi/Mamoru. I also love Chibiusa/Pluto and Chibiusa/Diana as friend-shippings. ::love:::D::love::
  18. SailorChibiChan

    Which Season had the best animation?

    SuperS looks the best. :)