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  1. Ale6

    You can only pick 2

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well
  2. Ale6

    You can only pick 2

    I'll give my personal take. × Sailor Moon: She's an interesting one, I'm torn on picking her because the silver crystal is not a well defined weapon and I don't know how affective it would be in killing a human. I would rather not take risks if I have a choice, so that's a NO for me, if I...
  3. Ale6

    You can only pick 2

    This is the Sailor Moon version of the animal meme that was popular around a year ago. And the premise is basically that: You can only choose 2 Sailor Senshi to protect you, while the rest will try to kill you. For the sake of simplicity I'll limit the cast to only the 10 Sailor Senshi, those...
  4. Ale6

    Sailormoon original viewing sequence

    The movies and the specials are not canon in a way, so they shouldn't affect your viewing of the series. I would still recommend watching the full series first then watching the rest, but again you can watch them in the order you want
  5. Ale6

    Does Ami have an anxiety disorder?

    I've recently started watching PGSM and I gotta say, good old Ami seems to have some deep rooted issues. I was thinking of something along the lines of social anxiety, since the symptoms line up rather well.
  6. Ale6

    Powers and Items You Wish the Senshi Had

    I wish the inners had attacks related to the four guardians of the four compass directions. We see them once in the anime for both Mars (Fire Soul Bird), and Jupiter (Supreme Thunder Dragon), but are never shown again, not to mention Venus and Mercury's attacks not even making an appearance...
  7. Ale6

    Is the original anime "bad" enough to be considered a guilty pleasure?

    Exactly what the title says. I find myself talking to many people online who like Sailor Moon and I've noticed a trend in their views of the original anime. I grew up with that version of Sailor Moon and to me it still stands as a fairly good show, but maybe I am truly biased.
  8. Ale6

    Would it have been cool for Sailor Moon to wear a mask like in the manga?

    *overworked animators crying in the background*
  9. Ale6

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Some of the best fanart, in my opinion, is where the girls are just hanging out.
  10. Ale6

    Expectations for the art direction/character design/visual look

    I know she works for Disney, but I wouldn't mind some western influence in the art direction. But maybe that's reaching too far.
  11. Ale6

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Check out his twitter, he has better renditions of this image and now has Venus too
  12. Ale6

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Underrated SM artist
  13. Ale6

    LGBTQ+ Character Appreciation Thread

    I think too that she has at least an interest in men. Just look at all the teasing she did with both Mamoru and Seya.
  14. Ale6

    If I you could make any changes or alteration to any character

    When the show needs them to be dumb. For example that one episode where all the senshi, including Ami, start dancing with guys, despite the fact that they knew they were monsters. Or when they decide to play Casino games with a monster, when stakes were high, and Makoto and Rei decided to play...
  15. Ale6

    If I you could make any changes or alteration to any character

    Not have the Inner Senshi be incredibly stupid.
  16. Ale6

    Sailor Uniform Design

    I'll say just regular uniform, since the other deviations are not as iconic.
  17. Ale6

    Sailor Uniform Design

    Sailor Senshi uniforms only
  18. Ale6

    Sailor Uniform Design

    Would you put something else instead, or would you just leave at that?
  19. Ale6

    Sailor Uniform Design

    What would you change, omit or simplify in the Sailor uniform to make it a simpler/cleaner design (say for example to make the animation more fluid or give it more of an iconic look). That said I know the design is pretty simple itself, but it never hurts to get other opinions.
  20. Ale6

    Terrible Sailor Moon Advice

    The original Sailor Moon could get somewhat homophobic at times, just pick a side, please.