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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    40th anniversary? What are you talking about?
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    Well I can say this: at least English speaking can finally get the second part of Sailor Stars next month and they can also look forward to copies of Eternal edition of the manga coming out. I really hope the English dub of the movie comes in 2021.
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    What Should Get an Official Translation Next?

    I hope the art books will be translated one day soon!
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    Does anyone here think the inner guardians and outers hang out together offscreen?

    I mean by the early 5th season Usagi considered them all to be her friends, the guardians seemed to hang out alot in the musicals and in the last act of the manga they are all bridesmaids (I think) at Usagi's wedding. Does that mean that all the guardians including Chibiusa would hang out together?
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    Why do some people not like the Viz dub?

    I don't understand why.
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    Amazoness/Sailor Quartet - how old are they in manga?

    Maybe around the same age as Chibiusa?
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    For you, who is Usagi's mom - Ikuko, or Queen Serenity?

    Both of them. In a way she has 2 mothers.
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    Why don't Chibiusa or Diana appear in the last episode with Mamoru and Chibi Chibi?

    It would have made the last episode alot happier reunion.
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    Manga arc vs. anime season

    One thing that bothers me about the last episode of Stars in that Chibiusa or Diana don't show up.
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    why did Mamoru want to date Rei?

    What did he get out of dating her? He seemed to be annoyed with her.
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    Why didn't mamoru get his memory back his life with his parents who died?

    It would have been nice to see that happen.
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    Why did Mamoru and Usagi tease each other alot in the first season?

    They seemed to be acting like young kids they way they teased each other.
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    Would Sailor Moon still be popular today if it had only one season?

    If it lasted one season I would like to see Usagi and Mamoru get together at the end.
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    Would it have been cool for Sailor Moon to wear a mask like in the manga?

    I'm only talking about the Dark Kingdom season in Crystal.
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    Who did Nehellenia hate more: Queen Serenity or Usagi?

    It was Queen Serenity who sealed Nehellenia, so why did she blame Usagi? And why did Nehellenia call Usagi by Queen Serenity's name in the manga just before she became Eternal Sailor Moon? She was like shocked as if Queen Serenity was there. That doesn't really make any sense.