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  1. sunfire_kisses

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy Birthday to our Moon Bunnies!:usagi::chibiusa:::love::
  2. sunfire_kisses

    Happy Birthday, Maraviollantes! Have a super great day :)

    Happy Birthday, Maraviollantes! Have a super great day :)
  3. sunfire_kisses

    Glitter Force and Other Similar Sailor Moon Copycats

    I chose not to know or consider PreCure before August 2017, and I still don't know it-- since I've been bingeing on Glitter Force (Smile) and Doki doki. But man, I feel guilty. I've really enjoyed them: Saban butchering and all. I shed tears at Glitter Force! It's just so sweet and glittery and...
  4. sunfire_kisses

    Modern songs that remind you of Sailor Moon

    lol I'm making every song be about Sailor Moon these days :P :haruka: :mihiru: :hotaru:
  5. sunfire_kisses

    Modern songs that remind you of Sailor Moon

    Warning!: ADULT themes But that beat, tho :dance: :haruka: :haruka: :haruka:
  6. sunfire_kisses

    Which Senshi do you resemble the most?

    :mako: I didn't fall for that Usagi-trap, to say that Lunch is my best subject. I did strongly consider it, though.
  7. sunfire_kisses

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy Birthday, to our Moon Bunnies! :love: :usagi: :chibiusa:
  8. sunfire_kisses

    Like mother like daughter

    Like Queen Serenity, like Princess Serenity: handling business like a boss :cool:
  9. sunfire_kisses

    Like mother like daughter

    Another Mommy and Me :love: Twinning Moment:
  10. sunfire_kisses

    Your funniest Sailor Moon scene?

    After drunk Usagi :love: (and her Drunken Fist) , my favorite funny scene is from SuperS; where Sailor Moon and Chibimoon get switched. I was like, "Awwww!" :innocent: and laughed and laughed.
  11. sunfire_kisses

    DracheaRannak and Doll Divine's Sailor Senshi Maker

    She's adorable! I enjoy the strong use of pink. Very nice job.
  12. sunfire_kisses

    Let's Look Back on Crystal

    Aurora Peachy :love: :sadeyes: We had similar tears of joy and nostalgia.
  13. sunfire_kisses

    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    That is a cutie figurine. Where did you get her? Is it great that you and your sister both enjoy Sailor Moon?
  14. sunfire_kisses

    Episodes you can't watch again?

    I'm glad I can skip the breakup arc these days. I like that preview episode at the end of R. The shadowed soldiers. The Mad Scientist. The Prophecy. I especially liked hearing our faves breaking the Fourth Wall.
  15. sunfire_kisses

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy Birthday, Usagi :love: :cookie: Happy Birthday, ChibiUsa =^_^= I like to think Queen Serenity's birthday is today, too :love: :love: Happy Birthday to our Moon Bunnies :) We love you!
  16. sunfire_kisses

    Act 23. COVERT MANEUVERS-WISEMAN Official Discussion Thread

    One can only hope :evil: :innocent: My favorite part of this episode: Neo-Queen Serenity snatching that Rabbit and tossing her out on her shapely bottom. Squeaky Wiseman is so demented and great.
  17. sunfire_kisses

    90s Anime Transformations vs Crystal Transformations

    Well said. I agree. My opinion: The 90s anime transformations are better overall. Venus' old transformation is better than Crystal. :innocent: Jupiter's transformation got a well-deserved :love: upgrade in Crystal: Almost Michiru's hairflip-level transformation love.
  18. sunfire_kisses

    Act.14 PETITE ÉTRANGÉRE - Official Discussion Thread

    It was a mighty fine arc finale. I thought it was well drawn. And tear-jerking. (Glad to have positive emotions pulled out of myself, instead of being disgruntled). Human Luna was a nice touch. The power of prayer and love was cool. I liked Artemis' and Minako's reunion, with him nuzzling...
  19. sunfire_kisses

    Act.8 Minako - Sailor V - Official Discussion Thread

    I usually have Princess Serenity V hate, as she is an IMPOSTOR to the throne :grey: It was nice to see Sailor Moon in full-on Senshi top form. Like she's playing the Leader of the Guardians, while Venus is the impostor princess. I have to admit, I liked the kiss she gave to her Prince(ss).